AATSR Products Information

Products Information

The information provided in this page is applicable to the latest AATSR products.

The latest products are from the Third (A)ATSR Reprocessing, conducted in 2013. This introduced some key improvements:

  • Improved SST coefficients (based on ARC knowledge)
  • Improved view colocation and absolute geolocation
  • Improved and consistent visible channel calibration
  • New SST L2P (and L3U) products based on ARC processor
  • New LST products for AATSR

Evaluation and quality reports, as well as auxiliary information, from the Third Reprocessing are contained within the Third Reprocessing Information Pack.


AATSR Technical Documents

The following documentation is available for the Envisat-format Level 1 and Level 2 products:


The following documentation is available for the SST L2P/L3U products:


The following documentation is available for the UOL LST products:


AATSR Product Availability

Information on AATSR products and how to access them is given in the Product Availability section.


AATSR Fourth Reprocessing - in planning

Planning for the 4th reprocessing of (A)ATSR data is under way. The main focus is to harmonise the product format with that from SLSTR. More information is available in the (A)ATSR 4th Reprocessing Product Format - User Summary