MIPAS Products Information

Products Information

This page provides an overview of the completeness of the MIPAS Level 1 dataset processed with MICAL version 8.03 and of the MIPAS Level 2 dataset processed with ORM version 8.22 and ML2PP version 7.03, starting from the 1st of July 2002 until the end of the ENVISAT mission (8 April 2012).


Level 1b


MIPAS Level 1 MICAL version 8.03 Technical Documents:


Level 2

MIPAS Level 2 ORM version 8.22 Technical Documents:

The latest reprocessed MIPAS Level 2 data (v8.22) is available as Standard (MIPAS_2PS) and Extended (MIPAS_2PE) products, both in NetCDF format. Please refer to the MIPAS L2 v8.22 Product Quality Readme file for further details.


MIPAS Level 2 ML2PP version 7.03 Technical Documents:


Corresponding verification and Cal/Val reports are available in the Validation Activities