Download the Envisat Cal/Val Plan to read a summary of the AATSR calibration and validation activities.

Further information on the AATSR validation activities, including documentation, is available from Leicester University.

Calibration Activities

The calibration of AATSR data was led by the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, which also maintains an AATSR webpage. The latest results are:

  • Thermal channel radiometric uncertainty: < 0.1 K
  • VIS-SWIR channel radiometric uncertainty: < 3%

Please note that the above are type B estimates of the uncertainty due to systematic effects and not the random noise estimates

Depending on the products you have, specific corrections may need to be applied to the VIS-SWIR channels in L1B products.

Note: these corrections have already been incorporated in the Third Reprocessing; no further action is required if you have only data from the Third Reprocessing.


AATSR 12 micron channel

Please be aware that there is evidence of a small temperature-dependent discrepancy in AATSR 12 micron Brightness Temperature measurements. This was investigated by an Anomaly Review Board (ARB), who identified the most likely causes and made specific recommendations to take these anomalies into account.

Validation Activities

The validation of AATSR data was led by the University of Leicester (UK), which maintains an AATSR webpage providing a summary of the latest validation results. The latest results are:

  • SST uncertainty: < 0.15K (k =1)
  • LST bias: 0.0-2.0K (night) and 0.2-3.8K (day)

Validation Reports

Download the SST validation report for the Third Reprocessing of (A)ATSR data.