SCIAMACHY Auxiliary Data

Auxiliary data

The SCIAMACHY consolidated datasets result from reprocessing activities where the best available on-ground and in-flight auxiliary information was adopted.

The auxiliary data files used to produce the consolidated datasets are available to download:

Level 1b

Auxiliary Data Files for Level 1b v8 processing:


Starting from SCIAMACHY Level 1 processing baseline version 8, the radiometric degradation and etalon corrections are applied via monitoring factors (m-factors) files to the Level 0-1b processing step and enclosed into the Level 1b products. With previous baseline versions, the m-factor correction was performed in the Level 1b-c processing step during the generation of Level 2 products. M-factor files are provided by the Institute of Environmental Physics (IUP), University of Bremen, Germany.

As the degradation correction is already applied, m-factor files for Level 1b version 8 products are not relevant for the users of SCIAMACHY data.

SCIAMACHY Level 1b baseline version 8 extracts calibration information for specific in-flight parameters from a calibration database generated in a pre-processing stage by Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt e.V. (DLR-IMF), Oberpfaffenhofen, Germany. For some orbits along the mission, suitable entries in the database do not exist (e.g. calibration measurements not yet performed). In these cases, default values for the calibration parameters (Leakage current, Pixel-to-Pixel Gain and Etalon, Spectral calibration, and Solar reference spectra) were extracted from a set of reference auxiliary data files causing slightly reduced quality.

The reference files used for the in-flight calibration are the following:

  • SCI_LK1_AXVD-P20090317_115605_20020920_171219_20021119_185224
  • SCI_SP1_AXVD-P20090927_002246_20020920_203413_20021219_221339
  • SCI_PE1_AXVD-P20090925_204810_20020920_171219_20990101_000000
  • SCI_SU1_AXVD-P20110708_093418_20020920_203413_20021005_221339

Auxiliary Data Files for Level 1b v7.04 processing:


SCIAMACHY Level 1 processing baseline version 7 also made use of in-flight auxiliary data files containing operational calibrations and parameters: Leakage current, Pixel-to-Pixel Gain and Etalon, Spectral calibration, and Solar reference spectra. Such files are not reported here as they were dynamically generated from in-orbit measurements by the calibration tool SciCal, and were changed regularly during the Level 1 processing according to measurement time scope and calibration start/stop validity. Calibration information is enclosed in Level 1b products (GADS).


SCIAMACHY in-flight calibrations
Parameter Identifier Frequency Update
Leakage Current SCI_LK1_AX Orbital
Solar reference spectra SCI_SU1_AX Daily
Spectral calibration SCI_SP1_AX Weekly/Monthly
Pixel-to-Pixel Gain and Etalon SCI_PE1_AX Orbital


Level 2

Auxiliary Data Files for Level 2 SGP v6.01 processing:

Auxiliary Data Files for Level 2 SGP v5.02 processing:


SCIAMACHY Level 2 version 5 processing also made use of daily m-factor files compensating the radiometric degradation of the instrument during its stay in orbit. M-factors files (version 7) were provided by IUP, University of Bremen, Germany.