Quality Control

Mission Performance Report

A summary of the instrument and data quality performance over the AATSR mission lifetime is available in the Envisat End of Mission AATSR Performance Report.
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Product Anomalies Report

In addition to the quality information given in the Daily and Cyclic Quality Reports, and the Mission Performance report, specific information was published on any event or occurrence that may have had an impact on AATSR data quality.
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Daily Quality Reports

The Daily Reports were produced on a daily basis by the SPPA AATSR Quality Control team, and were primarily intended for ESA internal use only. These checks were limited to the analysis of data available at the end of each day, and so should not be relied upon as a definitive source of information on the unavailability or quality of instrument data.
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Cyclic Quality Report

The Cyclic Reports were distributed by ESA to keep the AATSR Community informed of any modification regarding the processor, updates of auxiliary products, anomalies of the instrument behaviour, data acquisition and processing, and finally the status of the calibration, validation, and quality control activities. The Report collects the inputs coming from different groups involved in AATSR data exploitation: SPPA and the QC Team, the Quality Working Group, the MERIS/AATSR validation team, Rutherford Appleton Laboratory and the University of Leicester.
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Products Availability

AATSR data availability depends on product type. These pages present details, by product level and type, on the AATSR data products and how to obtain them.
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