GOMOS Quality Control Reports

Quality Control

Products Availability

GOMOS products are grouped to their processing level and labelled as follows: Level 0: Time corrected raw measurement data, Level 1b: Geo-located calibrated engineering data, Level 2: Geophysical products. This section provides details about missing, incomplete, and corrupted Level 0 Products. In addition, information is provided on the status of the last Level 1 and Level 2 datasets, reprocessed with IPF version 6.01. In particular parameter information as Star_id, Star_name, Illumination Condition etc. are extracted.

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Daily Quality Reports

The main objective of the GOMOS NRT (Near Real Time) Daily Reports was to provide a daily monitoring of the mission and of the operational data processing chains. The Daily Reports allowed a quick detection of any anomaly in the instrument performance or data processing. The monitoring and reporting was made using the QUADAS tool, which generated the html reports. The QUADAS quality monitoring for GOMOS was also implemented for the Level 2 products, reprocessed with IPF version 6.01 and includes content and consistency checks.

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Monthly Quality Report

The GOMOS Monthly Reports were used during the operational phase of the mission to report, on a regular basis, on the GOMOS instrument performance, data acquisition, anomaly investigations, calibration activities and validation campaigns. It was composed of quality control analysis results obtained by the SPPA quality control team, combined with inputs received from the GOMOS Quality Working Group (ESA, ESOC, ESTEC-PLSO, ACRI, FMI, and IASB).

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