MWR (Envisat) Products Information

Products Information

The information provided in this page is applicable to the latest Altimetry V3.0 dataset (RA-2 and MWR) and to previous v2.1 dataset.

Even if the MWR data are acquired with a specific instrument, the processed data (Brightness temperatures and vapour/liquid water content) are not stored in a unique product, but are stored in the RA-2 products.


RA2MWR Level 2 Reprocessing v3.0 data available

The ESA Envisat Altimetry Full Mission Reprocessing (FMR) has been completed with the generation of the v3.0 mission data set. This FMR follows the first Envisat Altimetry reprocessing Version (v2.1) completed in 2012. There are two RA-2 Level 2 products: the Geophysical Data Record (GDR), the Sensor Geophysical Data Record (SGDR), both in netCDF format:


RA2MWR Level 2 Reprocessing v2.1

During the first reprocessing activity (Altimetry dataset v2.1) an anomaly within the Envisat MWR processing was identified. To correct for this anomaly a new calibration of the MWR Brightness Temperatures was performed and a new MWR Wet Tropospheric correction generated. The correction files are available for a limited period of ~6 months and delivered in NetCDF format.