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The SCIAMACHY instrument (Scanning Imaging Absorption Spectrometer for Atmospheric Cartography) was one of the three atmospheric chemistry sensors on-board the Envisat satellite (March 2002 - April 2012). SCIAMACHY was an imaging spectrometer whose primary mission objectives were global measurements of atmosphercic composition parameters, including trace gases, clouds and aerosols, in the troposphere and in the stratosphere. The solar radiation transmitted, backscattered and reflected from the atmosphere was recorded at high spectral resolution (0.2 nm to 1.5 nm) over the wavelength range 240 nm to 1700 nm, and in selected spectral bands around 2.0 µm and 2.4 µm.


The SCIAMACHY Product Handbook provides very good insight on the Sciamachy principles and mission. It contains also a section dedicated to FAQs for SCIAMACHY.



Maps of the ozone total column (Dobson Units) over the Northern Hemisphere from SCIAMACHY measurements in March, years 2007-2011. Credit: ESA
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