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The information provided in this page is applicable to the SCIAMACHY Level 1 and Level 2 data, available to users via Fast Registration.
The latest SCIAMACHY reprocessed datasets are Level 1b version 8 and Level 2 version 6.01, generated from the full-mission reprocessing campaign completed in 2016. A new reprocessing is planned for 2017.
The distribution of SCIAMACHY old product versions has been discontinued. Users are strongly recommended to migrate to the latest reprocessed datasets, available via Fast Registration.
The SCIAMACHY Product Handbook provides the user with a very good insight of the SCIAMACHY principles and mission details (with a section dedicated to FAQs). The handbook is currently being updated.


Level 1b

SCIAMACHY Level 1 versions 8.01/8.02 Technical Documents 

       Technical Notes:

SCIAMACHY Level 1  version 7.04 Technical Documents  – data download discontinued in Nov. 2016

Level 2

SCIAMACHY Level 2 SGP version 6.01 Technical Documents  
Technical Notes: 

SCIAMACHY Level 2 SGP version 5.02 Technical Documents

       Technical Notes:

Corresponding verification and Cal/Val reports are available in the Cal/Val Section

Minimize SCIAMACHY Auxiliary Data Files
The SCIAMACHY Auxiliary Data Files are available here