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SCIAMACHY is an imaging spectrometer whose primary mission objective is to perform global measurements of trace gases in the troposphere and in the stratosphere. The solar radiation transmitted, backscattered and reflected from the atmosphere is recorded at relatively high resolution (0.2 nm to 0.5 nm) over the range 240 nm to 1700 nm, and in selected regions between 2000 nm and 2400 nm. The high resolution and the wide wavelength range make it possible to detect many different trace gases despite low concentrations (The mixing ratios of most constituents are of the order of 10-6 or less). The large wavelength range is also ideally suited for the detection of clouds and aerosols. SCIAMACHY has three different viewing geometries: nadir, limb, and sun/moon occultations which yield total column values as well as distribution profiles in the stratosphere and (in some cases) the troposphere for trace gases and aerosols.

Not Operational
Atmospheric Chemistry
Technical Characteristics
Radiometric: <4%
Spatial Resolution:
Limb vertical 3 x 132km, Nadir horizontal 32 x 215km
Swath Width:
Limb and nadir mode: 1000km (max)
UV-SWIR: 214-334, 300-412, 383-628, 595-812, 773-1063, 971-1773, 1934-2044, and 2259-2386 nm
Earth Topics
Agriculture ( Crop Yields ), Ocean and Coast ( Ocean Colour/Biology and Fisheries ), Solid Earth ( Geoid ), Atmosphere ( Ozone )
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