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The Michelson Interferometer for Passive Atmospheric Sounding (MIPAS) was a Fourier transform spectrometer for the detection of limb emission spectra in the middle and upper atmosphere on the Envisat mission. It observed a wide spectral interval throughout the mid infrared with high spectral resolution. Operating in a wavelength range from 4.15 microns to 14.6 microns, MIPAS detected and spectrally resolved a large number of emission features of atmospheric minor constituents playing a major role in atmospheric chemistry.

Due to its spectral resolution capabilities and low-noise performance, the detected features could be spectroscopically identified and used as input to suitable algorithms for extracting atmospheric concentration profiles of a number of target species.

The full-mission datasets from MIPAS are available from 1 July 2002 (orbit 1746) to 8 April 2012 (orbit 52867). There was an interruption in MIPAS operations in 2004 due to a major anomaly that was resolved at the start of 2005.

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Download data from the MIPAS instrument through the ESA Online Dissemination System. The data is freely available to registered users.


All Envisat MIPAS products, in accordance with ESA Earth Observation Data Policy, are freely available. Read more about the available MIPAS products:

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The Atmospheric Toolbox tool can be used to visualise, process and analyse MIPAS data:

Atmospheric Toolbox

The Atmospheric Toolbox (also known as BEAT) is a collection of executable tools and an application programming interface (API) which has been developed to facilitate the utilisation, viewing and processing of missions including Envisat, for GOMOS, MIPAS SCIAMAHCY and GOME instruments.

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Auxiliary data from ground or airborne sources is sometimes used to help produce data products. Auxiliary data files for MIPAS data products are available to download.

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The goal of MIPAS calibration and validation activities was to verify the accuracy and quality of data the instrument acquired.

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Quality control activities were undertaken for MIPAS products during the Envisat mission lifetime. Reports are available detailing the availability of MIPAS products, anomalies with the products, and daily and monthly quality reports.