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An Advanced Synthetic Aperture Radar (ASAR), operating at C-band, ASAR ensures continuity with the image mode (SAR) and the wave mode of the ERS-1/2 AMI. It features enhanced capability in terms of coverage, range of incidence angles, polarisation, and modes of operation. This enhanced capability is provided by significant differences in the instrument design: a full active array antenna equipped with distributed transmit/receive modules which provides distinct transmit and receive beams, a digital waveform generation for pulse "chirp" generation, a block adaptive quantisation scheme, and a ScanSAR mode of operation by beam scanning in elevation.

Not Operational
Imaging microwave radars
Technical Characteristics
Radiometric resolution in range: 1.5-3.5 dB, Radiometric accuracy: 0.65 dB
Spatial Resolution:
Image, Wave and Alternating Polarisation modes: approx 30m x 30m.Wide Swath mode: approx 150m x 150m. Global Monitoring mode: approx1000m x 1000m.
Swath Width:
Image and alternating polarisation modes: up to 100km, Wave mode:5km, Wide swath and global monitoring modes: 400km or more
Microwave: C-band, with choice of 5 polarisation modes (VV, HH,VV/HH, HV/HH, or VH/VV)
Earth Topics
Land ( Landscape Topography ), Snow and Ice ( Snow and Ice ), Ocean and Coast ( Ocean Currents and Topography )
Available Resources Type Access
ASAR FAQ Technical Document link
Absolute calibration of ASAR Level 1 products generated withPF-ASAR Proceedings download
ENVISAT ASAR Auxiliary Data Product link
ENVISAT ASAR Wave Mode Product Description and ReconstructionProcedure Product Document download
ASAR Products Specifications - Revision C Product Document download
Annex A - Product Data Conventions Product Document download
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Full Envisat ASAR AP data archive available via the ESA On-The-Fly service

30 August 2016

In addition to the newly released ASAR Image Mode (IM) data, the ASAR Alternating Polarisation Mode (AP) archive for the entire Envisat mission has now been included for data processing and download via the new (A)SAR On-The-Fly (OTF) service.