SAR (ERS) Products Information

SAR (ERS) products

The ERS SAR L0 and L1 High and Medium Resolution products are available. The ERS Medium Resolution have been bulk processed from the Image Mode Level 0 Product using the ESA PF-ERS processor (v6.01). High resolution Level 1 products are generated On-the-Fly using the same SAR processor.

All products are available in Envisat format. For more information, download the Product Specification for ERS products supplied in Envisat format.

A full list of the SAR (ERS) data products available, and their characteristics, is provided in the data description section. These include:

A full listing of the ERS SAR product collections is available in the ESA (A)SAR Dissemination Service. To download these products, users will need to log in using their ESA EO Sign On account, see links to the product descriptions above for more information. The On-the-Fly generated products are not archived but are processed when a product is selected, usually becoming available within a few minutes.

Note, due to quality issues, no ERS SAR Wave products are available.

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