ATSR Processor Releases

Processor Releases

The Level 1 and Level 2 processing of ERS ATSR data was performed by RAL, using the components of the Archive Product Processor developed with funding from DECC. The Sea Surface Temperature (SST) L2P and L3U data were processed using the same ARC-based processor as was used for Envisat AATSR.


The processor configuration used in the Third Reprocessing of ATSR data is:

  • Level 1 (TOA) processor: STEP/1.4
  • Level 2 (NR, AR) processor: Prt2-L/0.7
  • SST L2P processor: Rev 1735(M)


Auxiliary datafiles for ATSR are available:

(Note that some ADF names are not unique within the (A)ATSR multimission dataset)