GOME Products Information

GOME Products

This information is applicable to the GOME products available to users through the ESA GOME Online Dissemination System. In particular, the Level 2 version 5 dataset generated in 2012, and the data resulting from the GOME-Evolution project: Level 1 version 5.1 data and TCWV time-series.

  • Level 1 version 5.1 dataset – released 2018
  • Level 2 GDP version 5.0 dataset – released 2012
  • TCWV Climate product – from Evolution project – released 2018

All GOME datasets span the period from June 1995 to July 2011.

The GOME-Evolution TCWV Climate product covers the period from July 1995 to December 2015.

Details on the datasets currently distributed are in the ERS-2 GOME Products Availability Table


GOME Level 1 version 5.1

The GOME Level 1 Data Processor (GDP) Version 5.1 was developed within the GOME Evolution and Outreach project (2014-2017) and was used to perform the first complete post-operational Level 0-to-1 full-mission reprocessing campaign with output products in NetCDF-4 format.

The GOME Level 1b dataset version 5.1 provides fully calibrated Earthshine radiances, and it brings significant quality improvements with respect to the quality of the data for the revised calibration approach.

Users of GOME Level 1 products are strongly recommended to migrate to this dataset.

Note that no operational Level 2 processing was carried out from these data.


GOME Level 1 version 5 Technical Documents:


GOME Level 2

The GOME Level 2 Data Processor Version 5 (GDP 5 in short) was used to perform the latest post-operational Level 2 full mission reprocessing campaign, which was based on the old GOME Level 1 version 4 data. The Level 2 dataset (HDF-5 format) was released on 14 September 2012 and includes total column densities of ozone and nitrogen dioxide, and cloud parameters.


GOME Level 2 version 5 Technical Documents:

Additional information can be found on the DLR / ATMOS website.


GOME TCWV Climate product

The ESA GOME-Evolution Climate water vapour product presents homogenized time-series of the global distribution of water vapour total columns (TCWV) spanning over more than two decades and based on measurements from the satellite instruments GOME, SCIAMACHY, and MetOp-A GOME. Details are available in Beirle et al., 2018.


GOME TCWV Climate product Technical Documents:

GOME TCWV Advanced AMF Algorithm (A3) product

In the framework of the ESA GOME-Evolution project, an additional improved water vapour total columns (TCWV) product was developed by the Max-Planck-Institute for Chemistry (Mainz, Germany) adopting the Advanced AMF (A³) Algorithm. Validation of the resulting products showed the consistency of the global H2O VCD distribution with existing datasets, but also clearly indicated a strong dependence on cloud properties. Acceptable results were only obtained for medium cloud conditions. As the new product has not reached the expected maturity and further investigations are required, the resulting dataset is currently not open to the users.


GOME TCWV Advanced AMF Algorithm (A3) product Technical Documents: