ATSR Products Information

ATSR Products

The information provided in this page is applicable to ATSR products.

ATSR Third Reprocessing

The products are from the Third (A)ATSR Reprocessing, conducted in 2013. This introduced some key improvements:

  • Improved Sea Surface Temperature (SST) coefficients (based on ARC knowledge)
  • Improved view colocation
  • New SST L2P (and L3U) products based on ARC processor

Details of (A)ATSR Third data reprocessing is available on the AATSR Products Information page.


ATSR Fourth Reprocessing

Planning for the 4th reprocessing of (A)ATSR data was under way. The main focus was to harmonise the product format with that from SLSTR.

Third Reprocessing Information Pack Contents

The Third Reprocessing Information Pack was released following full assessment of the (A)ATSR 3rd reprocessing dataset (version 3.0):

The contents of the Information Pack are listed below:

Users may note that a characterisation of the AATSR 12 micron channel took place after the 3rd reprocessing.

Evaluation and Quality Control Reports

The following list outlines the third reprocessing evaluation and Quality Control (QC) reports that are contained within the Information Pack.


The Information Pack also includes auxiliary information, such as Reprocessing User Notes, listings of L0 input data, ADF (including VC1) lists, and the README notes that contain version numbering information and segregation/removal listings. As an aid to users, there are zipped packages of monthly Level 3 SST and SST anomaly maps (relative to GOSTA-4 climatology) that were generated from the reprocessed Meteo products.


Item Contents

Reprocessing User Notes

IDEAS-VEG-OQC-MEM-1158 AATSR 3rd Reprocessing User Note_1-0.pdf

AATSR User Note

IDEAS-VEG-OQC-MEM-1226 ATSR 3rd Reprocessing User Note_1-0.pdf

ATSR User Note

IDEAS-VEG-OQC-MEM-1294 L2P Reprocessing User Note v1-0.pdf

L2P SST User Note

Input information


AATSR Level 0 input list


Processor and ADF configuration lists


AATSR VC1 list

Analysis outputs


Level 0 failure list


README files for ftp sites (version information; segregation/removal lists, including orbits and reasons)


Level 0 gap list


Level 1/Level 2 gap list


Additional L2P/L3U gaps

Level 3 outputs


Monthly L3 mean SST maps


Monthly L3 SST anomaly maps

ATSR Technical Documents

The following documentation is available for the Envisat-format Level 1 and Level 2 products:

The following documentation is available for the SST L2P/L3U products:

ATSR Product Availability

The Third (A)ATSR Reprocessing dataset is made available as follows:

Please note, data in the archive may have been segregated if it is known or suspected to be of non-nominal quality. Further information on segregated products is available in the readme files at the access points to the archive.


The following dataset product listings are also provided for reference:

Details on the ATSR products in Envisat-format

Details on the Level 2 SST L2P/L3U products.


Level 3 SST products (ERS.ATS_AVG_3PAARC), produced by the ATSR Re-processing for Climate (ARC) project, are also available. These products are stored at the NEODC and can be accessed by all registered NEODC users. For new users, access is provided upon registration.

Level 3 LST products, produced by the GlobTemperature project at the University of Leicester, are available for registered GlobTemperature users or, for new users, upon GlobTemperature registration.