WS Processor Releases

Processor Releases

Several successive processor versions have been developed for the improvement of the quality of ERS-2 Wind Scatterometer products.

The current processor software version for the operational ground segment is ASPS v 10.04. The table below shows the history of the processors released with time and the improvements applied to the ERS-2 Wind Scatterometer Products for each version.


IPF Prototype Product
Processor updates Operational
switch date
ASPS 10.04 WSP v 10.4 ERSE-GSEV-EOPG-RS-06-0002 • Re-fined calibration of the three backscattering measurements (sigma noughts)
• Retrieved wind vectors characterized in terms of CMOD5N (neutral wind) geophysical forward model derived by ECMWF, 4 aliased wind vector solutions (Rank 1-4) and de-aliased wind vector flag
• Sea-ice probability and sea-ice flag
• YAW error angle flag to be used as quality indicator filter during the Zero Gyro Mode (ZGM) period from 2001 until the end of the ERS-2 mission
Whole Mission reprocessed
ESACA v9002 WSP v 7.2   • Improvements in the calibration (flat gamma nought profile across track)
•Improvements in the wind retrieval scheme (ESA winds match ECMWF C-MOD4 winds)
Since August 2003
ESACA v9002 WSP v 6.1  

• Yaw flag associated to the node
• Land/Sea precise map
• Hey product upgrade

Since April 2003
ESACA v9001 WSP v 6.0   • Possibility to reprocess wind scatterometer in Zero Gyro Mode
• Generation of the HEY Products to monitor satellite attitude
Since January 2003
LRDPF     Based on a large number of pre-computed off-line parameters (Look Up Table) interpolated throughout the processing Since launch