GOME Quality Control Reports

Quality Control Reports

Products Availability

This section provides information about the completeness of the latest GOME processed datasets (Level 0, Level 1B, and Level 2). Details about processed products, instrument anomalies, and missing measurements are given on a calendar basis for the full mission..

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Daily Quality Reports

This section provides a daily monitoring of the mission about missing, incomplete, and corrupted GOME Level 0 measurements for the period 2000-2011. The checks allowed detection of anomalies in the acquisition and transmission of the instrument source packets.

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Monthly Quality Report

The main objective of the reports is to present the status of GOME instrument collecting the information on data acquisition, anomalies, and calibration activities on a monthly basis. Reports are available for the period 2003-2011.

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Yearly Quality Reports

This section provides an overview of the ERS-2 GOME mission on a yearly basis, summarizing the main events during in-flight operations. Reports are available for the period 1995-2011.

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