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GOME is a nadir-scanning ultraviolet and visible spectrometer for global monitoring of atmospheric Ozone, launched on-board ERS-2 in April 1995. Since summer 1996, ESA has been delivering to users three-day GOME global observations of total ozone, nitrogen dioxide and related cloud information. A key feature of GOME was its ability to detect other chemically active atmospheric trace-gases as well as aerosol distribution.

Not Operational
Atmospheric chemistry
Technical Characteristics
Spatial Resolution:
Vertical: 5km (for O3), Horizontal: 40 x 40 km to 40 x 320 km
Swath Width:
UV-NIR: 240 - 790 nm (resolution 0.2-0.4nm)
Earth Topics
Atmosphere ( Air Quality (Ozone) , Atmospheric chemistry(Trace Gases) , Clouds )
Related Instruments
Available Resources Type Access
Product Specification Document of the GOME Data Processor Product Document download
GOME Data Processor Extraction Software User's Manual User Guide download
GOME Data Product Improvement Validation Report Calibration/Validation Document download
GOME Users Manual User Guide download
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New ERS-2 GOME Level 1 v5.1 dataset available online

20 June 2018

The post-operational full-mission reprocessing campaign of ERS-2 GOME consolidated data has been completed with an improved instrument processor version (Level-0-to-1 GDP Version 5.1). A new GOME Level 1b dataset has been generated for the 16-year mission period. The new data bring relevant quality improvements for the revised calibration approach, compensating aging and instrument degradation, and provide enhanced accessibility.