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The first 3D ionospheric imager in orbit, the Electric Field Instrument (EFI) determines the ion density, the ion drift velocity, and the electric field at the front panel of the Swarm satellites.

The instrument consists of three major components: the Langmuir Probe, the Thermal Ion Imager, and the Electronics Assembly. It measures drift and acceleration in high resolution to characterise the electric field around Earth and plasma density mapping in conjunction with GPS. The probe provides measurements of electron density, electron temperature and the electric potential of the satellite.


Data Tools

VirES for Swarm, the virtual research service, is a highly interactive data manipulation and retrieval interface for Swarm constellation mission products. It includes tools for studying various geomagnetic models by comparing them to the Swarm satellite measurements at given space weather and ionospheric conditions.
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The Swarm Virtual Research Environment (VRE) is a cloud service which provides a web-based interactive development environment based on JupyterLab.

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Swarm-Aurora is a web-based platform that facilitates the identification of opportunities for auroral research utilising Swarm data.

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The Average Magnetic field and Polar current System model (AMPS) is a climatological model of polar ionospheric currents, based on magnetic field measurements from the CHAMP and Swarm satellites.

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EFI Quality Control Reports

Swarm Quality Control Reports are produced on a weekly basis and and cover the quality and the data acquired by the three Swarm satellites and the products produced from this data.



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