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The Average Magnetic field and Polar current System model (AMPS) is a climatological model of polar ionospheric currents, based on magnetic field measurements from the CHAMP and Swarm satellites. The model is a representation of the global disturbance magnetic field associated with ionospheric currents, as a function of solar wind speed, the interplanetary magnetic field, the tilt angle of the Earth's magnetic dipole, and the F10.7 solar flux index.

The model is available through a web interface, which allows you to plot the model current system or magnetic field disturbances on polar maps in the two hemispheres. The model output can be changed using drop-down menus, and the input can be changed by adjusting sliders or by clicking a plot of the solar wind conditions from the previous 24 hours.

Access AMPS

Visit GitHub web-interface for the AMPS model

Download the AMPS forward code pyAMPS - This code can be used to calculate model magnetic field and currents for a given set of input parameters

Download the code documentation