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What is Swarm DISC?

Swarm-Disc-2The Swarm DISC (Swarm Data, Innovation, and Science Cluster) is an international consortium to enhance the scientific return of the Swarm satellite mission. The tasks of the Swarm DISC include processing and dissemination of Swarm Level 1b and Level 2 data products, communication activities, as well as identifying, selecting and running New Swarm Products and Services. The Swarm DISC project is funded by ESA through contract No. 4000109587/13/I-NB.

Swarm DISC tasks

Swarm DISC tasks include:

  • Maintenance, evolution and processing of Level-1b and Level-2 algorithms
  • Level-2 data product generation. This is done by the Swarm SCARF (Satellite Constellation Application and Research Facility) consortium, a subset of the Swarm DISC
  • Swarm Data Quality Monitoring and Anomaly Investigation
  • "Procurement" (i.e. identifying, selecting and running) of New Swarm Products and Services
  • Communication with the Scientists
  • Public Outreach Activities


Swarm DISC Consortium

The Swarm DISC consortium consists of the following partners:

AIUB Astronomical Institute of the University of Bern (CH)
ASU Astronomical Institute of the Czech Academy of Sciences (CZ)
BCSS Birkeland Centre for Space Science, University of Bergen (NO)
BGS British Geological Survey (GB)
CIRES Cooperative Institute for Research in Env. Sciences, University of Colorado, Boulder (US)
CUP Charles University Prague (CZ)
DTU Technical University of Denmark (DK)
DUT Delft University of Technology (NL)
ETH Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule Zürich (CH)
FMI Finnish Meteorological Institute (FI)
GMV GMV Innovations Solutions Poland (PL)
GFZ Helmholtz Centre Potsdam - German Research Centre for Geoscience (DE)
GSFC NASA Goddard Space Flight Center (US)
IfG Institute of Geodesy of the Graz University of Technology (AT)
IPGP Institut de Physique du Globe de Paris (FR)
IRF Swedish Institute of Space Physics (SE)
Leti CEA/Leti, Grenoble (FR)
LUH Leibniz Universität Hannover (DE)
OSU School of Earth Science of the Ohio State University (US)
S&T Science [&] Technology Corporation (S[&]T) (NL)
DUT Delft University of Technology (NL)
Serco Serco SpA (IT) and Serco Ltd (UK)
UoN University of Nantes (FR)
UiO University of Oslo (NO)
UoC University of Calgary (CA)