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Reprocessed GRACE-FO thermosphere data available on Swarm dissemination Server

05 Jan 2024

An updated version of the GRACE Follow-On dataset for thermosphere density and crosswind data has been published on the Swarm dissemination server under the following folders:

Density data (covering from 29 May 2018 to 31 August 2023): /Multimission/GRACE-FO/DNS/Sat_1

Crosswind data (covering from 1 January 2023 to 31 August 2023): /Multimission/GRACE-FO/WND/Sat_1

The datasets, generated with version 0002, implements an upgrade in radiation pressure modelling. The data from the thermistors on the solar arrays have been used to calibrate the thermal model and the absorption and reflection coefficients of the major surface materials have been finetuned, substantially reducing the radiation pressure modelling errors in the cross-track direction. This upgrade significantly improved the crosswind observations and enabled the release of the first batch for 2023, noting that an insufficient signal-to-noise ratio still impedes earlier data. The density observations were reprocessed for the entire mission mainly for the consistency of the time series because the operational processing has been now fully switched to the upgraded radiation pressure model, although it has a marginal impact on the density observations.

These data products have been processed within the TOLEOS (Thermosphere Observations from Low-Earth Orbiting Satellites) Project. For more information the TOLEOS Product Definition Document is available for download.