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VirES for Swarm

VirES for Swarm

The virtual research service - VirES for Swarm - adds discovery and visual analytics capabilities to the European Space Agency's online data access services established for the Swarm geomagnetic satellite mission constellation.

VirES provides a highly interactive data manipulation and retrieval web interface for the official Swarm product archive and for a number of ancillary data sets. It includes multi-dimensional geographical visualisation, interactive plotting and on-demand processing tools for studying Earth magnetic models and their time variations for comparison to the Swarm satellite measurements at given global context of space weather. Subsets of Swarm data selected by versatile filtering methods can be downloaded in different encoding formats. The data downloaded can be combined to fit various use cases.

VirES is also an environment for preparation of publication-ready graphics and charts through an intuitive and powerful, yet customisable, interface. An embedded online tutorial introduces the features of the VirES service.

The VirES service is actively and continuously being developed by ESA in close collaboration with leading experts of geomagnetism to ensure the best possible user experience and scientific validation of the presented information.


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