Swarm Abstracts

The following abstracts for the Swarm mission were presented at conferences and meetings, and provide useful reference for information about the mission.

2020 2019 2018


  • The EGU General Assembly 2020, 4-8 May, 2020, Online
    1. Qamili E, Bouffard J, Catapano F, Siemes C, Miedzik J, Tøffner-Clausen L, Buchert S, Trenchi L, Stromme A, Vogel P, "Six years of Swarm: instruments and data quality status", PDF
    2. Catapano F, Buchert S, Coco I, Slominska E, Qamili E, Trenchi L, Bouffard J, "Swarm Langmuir Probe measurements: analysis and characterization of the data quality", PDF
    3. Trenchi L, Bouffard J, Stromme A, Marghitu O, Kauristie K, Blăgău A, Vogt J, Heilig B, Kovács P, "Recent results from scientific ESA Swarm projects", PDF
    4. Brown W, Beggan C, Cox G, Macmillan C, "The new WMM2020 and IGRF-13 models, and a retrospective analysis of IGRF secular variation", PDF
    5. Cox G, Brown W, Beggan C, Hammer M, Finlay C, "Denoising Swarm Geomagnetic Virtual Observatories using principal component analysis", PDF
    6. Knudsen D, "Recent scientific findings based on high-resolution core plasma imaging of the ionosphere with Swarm and ePOP", PDF
    7. Burchill J, "Using Swarm to study ionosphere-thermosphere coupling", PDF
    8. Pakhotin I, Mann I, Xie K, Knudsen D, Burchill J, "Multi-scale Analysis of Electromagnetic Energy Input using Swarm: Quantifying Key Scales in Magnetosphere-Ionosphere Coupling", PDF
    9. Yau A, Howarth A, James HG, Knudsen D, Langley R, Miles D, "Integrated Science Operations of CASSIOPE e-POP with the Swarm Constellation for New Studies of Magnetosphere-Ionosphere Coupling", PDF
    10. Ghadjari H, Knudsen D, Skone S, "Structure function analysis of plasma density fluctuations during total loss of lock of GPS signal events", PDF
    11. Mohandesi A, Knudsen D, Skone S, "Characterization of Equatorial Low Latitude Ionospheric Scintillation of GPS Signals: An E-POP Experiment", PDF
    12. Lesur V and Ropp G, "Sequential modelling of the Earth magnetic field", PDF
    13. Rother M, Korte M, Matzka J, Morschhauser A, Stolle C, Vervelidou F,"Earth's core magnetic field model Mag.num and the IGRF 13 candidate", PDF
    14. Nayak Cand Buchert S, "Characteristics of daytime medium scale traveling ionospheric disturbances (MSTIDs) as observed by SWARM", PDF
    15. Coïsson P, Truhlik V, Mlynarczyk J, Hulot G, Madelon R, Bonnot O, Vigneron P, Burešová D, Chum J, Rzonca P, Kulak A, "Reconstructing the propagation of Whistlers observed in ELF during ASM burst sessions from the lightning strikes to their detection and validation of IRI model", PDF
    16. Hulot G, Vigneron P, Léger J-M, Jager T, "On the self-calibrated absolute vector data produced by the ASM absolute magnetometers on board the Swarm satellites, results and prospect", PDF
    17. Archer W, Gallardo-Lacour B, Perry P, St.-Maurice J-P, Buchert S, Donovan E, "Steve: The optical signature of subauroral ion drifts", PDF
    18. Fillion M, Hulot G, Alken P, Chulliat A, Vigneron P, "Derivation of the full current density vector in the Earth's ionosphere low- and mid-latitude F region using ESA's Swarm satellites", PDF

  • Division of Atmospheric and Space Physics (DASP) Workshop, 19-21 February, 2020, Fredericton, Canada
    1. Ghadjari H, "Power spectral analysis of plasma density fluctuations during total loss of lock of GPS signal events", PDF
    2. Mohandesi A, "Characterization of low-latitude ionospheric scintillation of GPS signals: An EPOP experiment", PDF
    3. Knudsen D, "Recent scientific results from high-resolution core plasma imaging on Swarm and ePOP", PDF
    4. White A, Howarth A, Yau A, "New CASSIOPE/e-POP Science Data Products in the Swarm Mission Data System", PDF
    5. Pakhotin I, Mann IR, Milling DM, Burchill JK, Ozeke L, Knudsen DJ, Olifer L, "Swarm observations of High-Amplitude Pc1 Waves During Intense Geomagnetic Storms: Towards Use of Swarm for Radiation Belt Science", PDF
    6. Maxworth A, Hird F, Hussey GC, McWilliams KA, Yau A, "Observed and modelled ellipticity angle behaviour of trans-ionospheric propagation of HF radio waves", PDF
    7. Liang J, Shen Y, Knudsen D, Spanswick E, Burchill J,"On the calibration of the absolute flux spectra of e-POP suprathermal electron imager", PDF
    8. Larson B and Koustov AV, "Electron density in the ionosphere as measured by Swarm and RISR-C", PDF
    9. James HG, "E-POP/RRI Looks for Whistler Mode from DSX", PDF
    10. Hussey GC, Maxworth A, McWilliams KA, Sofko GJ, James HG, Yau A, "Proton Whistlers Observed with RRI on ePOP/SWARM-E", PDF
    11. Dimitrakoudis S, Mann IR, Olifer L, Yoshikawa A, "Drivers of Large GICs in Association with Strong Flank Magnetosphere-Ionosphere Dynamics During Two Major Geomagnetic Storms", PDF
    12. Yau AW, James HG, Howarth AD, "CASSIOPE e-POP: New Studies and Recent Results on Magnetosphere-Ionosphere Coupling under the Swarm-E Banner", PDF


  • The AGU Fall Meeting 2019, 9-13 December, 2019, San Francisco, USA
    1. Aa E, Zou S, Liu S, "Statistical analysis of the equatorial plasma irregularities retrieved from Swarm 2013-2019 observations", PDF
    2. Burchill JK, Kouznetsov A, Knudsen DJ, Lomidze L, "Validation of Swarm ion drift measurements using and incoherent-scatter radar empirical high-latitude convection model", PDF
    3. Follestad AF, Herlingshaw K, Ghadjari H, Knudsen DJ, McWilliams KA, Moen J, Oksavik K, Spicher A, Wu J, "Birkeland Current Impacts on Cusp Ionopsheric Irregularities", PDF
    4. Ghaffari R, Olifer L, Feltman C, Henderson S, Huyghebaert D, Burchill JK, Jaynes AN, Knudsen DJ, McWilliams KA, Moen J, Spicher A, Wu J, "Swarm Observations of Dawn/Dusk Asymmetries Between Pedersen Conductance in Upward and Downward Field-Aligned Current Regions", PDF
    5. Hulot G, "Observing, understanding and predicting the Earth's magnetic field: successes and challenges", PDF
    6. Hulot G, Léger JM, Clausen LBN, Coïsson P, Vigneron P, Jager T, Bertrand F, Deconinck F, "Towards a LEO nanosatellite constellation for permanent monitoring of the Earth's magnetic field and ionosphere: The NanoMagSat nanosatellite constellation high-precision magnetic project", PDF
    7. Kouznetsov A, Lomidze L, Burchill JK, Knudsen DJ, "Modeling of the Photoelectron Space-Energy Distribution Based on a Contemporary Coupled Photon-Electron Transport Approach", PDF
    8. Laundal KM, Reistad JP, Moretto T, Hatch S, Ohma A, "Time-scale dependence of solar wind-based regression models", PDF
    9. Lomidze L, Knudsen DJ, "Topside Ionosphere Heating by Conjugate Photoelectrons", PDF
    10. Pakhotin I, Mann I, Xie K, Burchill J, Knudsen DJ, "Multi-scale statistical analysis of Poynting flux using Swarm: Quantifying the Impact of Small- and Meso-scales in Electromagnetic MIT coupling", PDF
    11. Schnepf N, Nair M, Velímský J, Thomas N, "Can seafloor voltage cables be used to study large scale transport? An investigation in the Pacific Ocean", PDF
    12. Shen Y, Knudsen DJ, "Plasma heating perpendicular to the magnetic field in the topside ionosphere", PDF
    13. Wu, J, Knudsen DJ, Shen Y, "e-POP observations of suprathermal electron bursts in the ionopsheric Alfvén resonator", PDF

  • 16th European Space Weather Week (ESWW), 18-22 November, 2019, Liège, Belgium
    1. Laundal KM, Reistad JP, Ohma A, Hatch SM, Moretto T, "Modeling ground magnetic field disturbances using satellite magnetometers", PDF
    2. Miloch W, Jin Y, Xiong C, Kotova D, Spicher A, Kervalishvili G, Clausen L, Stolle C, "Ionospheric plasma irregularities at high latitudes studied with the Swarm satellites", PDF
    3. Kotova D, Jin Y, Miloch W, "Comparison of ionospheric plasma irregularities measured by Swarm with the ground-based GPS scintillation data", PDF

  • The 4th COSPAR Symposium (COSPARS), 4-8 November, 2019, Herzliya, Israel
    1. Hulot G, Léger JM, Vigneron P, Jager T, Bertrand F, Coïsson P, Estève F, Faure B, "Monitoring the Earth's magnetic field and ionosphere with LEO nanosatellites: the NanoMagSat project", PDF

  • The 4th International Workshop of CSES Mission (IWoCSES), 17-20 October, 2019, Changsha, China
    1. Hulot G, Yang Y, Vigneron P, "Example of a successful joint Swarm-CSES Cal/Val activity: Building an IGRF candidate model using CSES magnetic data"

  • International Workshop on GNSS Ionosphere (IWGI), 23-25 September, 2019, Neustrelitz, Germany
    1. Xiong C, Kervalishvili G, Stolle C, Rauberg J, "Phase and amplitude scintillations for GPS receivers on board the Swarm and GOCE satellites"

  • The 9th Swarm Data Quality Workshop (SDQW), 16-20 September, 2019, Prague, Czech Republic

  • International Reference Ionosphere 2019 Workshop, 2-13 September, 2019, Nicosia, Cyprus
    1. Coïsson P, Hulot G, Madelon R, Vigneron P, Bonnot O, Truhlik V, Buresova D, Chum J, Mlynarczyk J, Kulak A, Rzonca P, "Assessing 0+ whistlers in ELF domain to constrain the ionosphere along the propagation path: initial results"

  • 15th IMAGE Meeting, 5-6 September, 2019, Uppsala, Sweden
    1. Laundal KM, "Relating magnetic field disturbances on ground and in space – Downward propagation of the AMPS model magnetic field"

  • 19th International EISCAT Symposium 2019 and 46th Annual European Meeting on Atmospheric Studies by Optical Methods, 19-23 August, 2019, Oulu, Finland
    1. Buchert S, "Joule Heating by Thermospheric Winds", PDF
    2. Workayehu A, Vanhamäki H, Aikio A, "Joule Heating by Thermospheric Winds", PDF

  • The 16th Asia Oceania Geosciences Society (AOGS), 28 Jul-2 Aug, 2019, Singapore
    1. Miloch W, Jin Y, Xiong C., Spicher A, Kervalishvili G, Clausen L, Stolle C, "Global Study of Ionospheric Plasma Irregularities with Swarm Satellites", PDF

  • The 27th IUGG General Assembly, 8-18 July, 2019, Montreal, Canada
    1. Bouffard J, Floberghagen R, Qamili E, Trenchi L, Olsen N, "Overview of Swarm Data Quality Status and Evolutions"
    2. Brown W, Beggan C, Macmillan S, "Analysis of errors in simple geomagnetic field model predictions"
    3. Buchert SC, "Joule Heating by Thermospheric Winds"
    4. Floberghagen R, Bouffard J, Siemes C, Vogel P, Qamili1 E, Trenchi L, Catapan F, "Swarm Mission Status, multi-mission opportunities and long-term plan"
    5. Ghadjari H, Knudsen D, Skone S, "Swarm-based survey of intense ionospheric irregularities and their effect on ground-based GNSS signals"
    6. Van den IJssel J, Doornbos E, Iorfida E, March G, Svitlov S, Siemes C, "Swarm thermosphere density data: observing geomagnetic storms and the response to decreasing solar activity since November 2013"
    7. James G and Yau A, "The Whistler Mode in the Topside Ionosphere"
    8. Knudsen D and Burchill J, "Science Highlights from Low-Energy Ion and Electron Distribution Imaging on Swarm and e-POP"
    9. Lukianova R, "Swarm field-aligned currents during the severe magnetic storms of March 2015 and September 2017"
    10. Olsen N, Tøffner-Clausen L, Kloss C, Finlay CC, "Exploring Earth from Space – Towards a true Swarm of Magnetic Satellites"
    11. Rogers H, Beggan C, Whaler K, "Application of spherical Slepian functions to decomposing core surface flows"
    12. Velímský J, "Modelling the Electromagnetic Induction in the Earth's Oceans with Seasonally Varying Electrical Conductivity: Massively Parallel Time-Domain Approach"
    13. Velímský J, Valentová Ľ, Knopp O, "Recovering the Mantle Electrical Conductivity from Swarm: Results after 5 Years"
    14. Workayehu A, Vanhamaki H, Aikio A, "Ionospheric currents in the two hemispheres during low and high magnetic activity by the Swarm satellite "
    15. Yau A, James HG, Bernhardt P, Cogger L, Hussey G, Knudsen D, Langley R, Maxworth A, Miles D, Perry G, Siefring C, "Swarm-E (e-POP) Observations of Small Scale Magnetosphere-Ionosphere Interaction Processes in the Topside Ionosphere"
    16. Xiong C and Stolle C, "Location of the Auroral Oval Boundaries Derived From Magnetic Field-aligned Signatures of LEO Satellite Missions"
    17. Zhang C, Zhang Y, Shum CK, Bezděk A, Guo JY, Encarnação J de T da, Visser P, "Temporal Gravity Field Estimates from Swarm Using Acceleration Approach and Earth Mass Transport Studies"
    18. Grayver A, Olsen N, Kuvshinov A, "Extraction and inversion of M2, N2 and O1 tidal magnetic signals from CHAMP and Swarm data"
    19. Hulot G, Léger JM, Vigneron P, Jager T, Bertrand F, Coïsson P, Laurens A, Faure B, "Monitoring the Earth's magnetic field with nanosatellites"
    20. Vigneron P, Hulot G, Léger JM, Jager T, "Global geomagnetic field modeling using five years of the experimental ASM-V vector data on board the Swarm satellites"
    21. Fillion M, Hulot G, Chulliat A, Alken P, Vigneron P, "Derivation of the full current density vector in the ionosphere low- and mid-latitude F region using ESA's Swarm satellites"
    22. Coïsson P, Hulot G, Vigneron P, Madelon R, Léger JM, Jager T, "Systematic analysis of 0+ whistlers dispersion obtained from Swarm Absolute Scalar Magnetometer burst sessions and contribution to bottomside ionosphere monitoring"
    23. Laundal KM, Reistad J, Snekvik K, "Modelling the AL Index Using Solar Wind Parameters"

  • Coupling, Energetics, and Dynamics of Atmospheric Regions (CEDAR) Workshop 2019, 16-21 June, 2019, Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA
    1. Rodríguez-Zuluaga J, Stolle C, Park J, "On the direction of the Poynting flux associated with equatorial plasma depletions"
    2. Rodríguez-Zuluaga J, Stolle C, Yamazaki Y, Lühr H, Chau JL, "Assessment of the plasma and magnetic pressure balance across equatorial plasma depletions"
    3. March G, Visser T, Doornbos E, Visser P, van den IJssel J, Iorfida E, "Newly derived thermospheric products for CHAMP, GRACE, GOCE and Swarm"

  • NCAR High Altitude Observatory (HAO) Colloquium, 12 June, 2019, Boulder, Colorado, USA
    1. March G, "Thermosphere density and wind from satellite acceleration observations"

  • The Living Planet Symposium (LPS) 2019, 13-17 May, 2019, Milan, Italy
    1. Bouffard J, Floberghagen R, Qamili E, Trenchi L, Olsen N, "Overview of Swarm Data Quality Status and Evolutions"
    2. Cox G, Martinec Z, Brown W, "Denoised virtual magnetic observatories using the MagPySV package"
    3. Floberghagen R and Haagmans R, "Swarm extended mission - status, perspectives and opportunities"
    4. Aol S, Buchert SC, Jurua E, "Coincident Observations of Ionospheric Irregularities by JULIA and Swarm"
    5. Aol S, Buchert SC, Jurua E, "Global Distribution of Equatorial Plasma Irregularities as seen by the Swarm Satellites"
    6. Barrois O, Finlay CC, Hammer M, Gillet N, Martin Y, "Assimilation of ground and satellite magnetic measurements: inference of core surface magnetic and velocity field changes"
    7. Burchill J, "Mini Plasma Imager: A NextGen Swarm Thermal Ion Imager concept"
    8. Burchill J, Knudsen D, Lynch K, "The Swarm CAD Scan: resolved space and time ambiguity in ionospheric electric currents and ion drifts using the pearls-on-a-string configuration"
    9. Campuzano SA, De Santis A, Pavón-Carrasco FJ, Osete ML, Qamili E, "TEMPO: a 2-Year ESA-INGV Co-Funded Project to Study the South Atlantic Anomaly Evolution by Using Swarm Data"
    10. Chulliat A, Vigneron P, Hulot G, "Extended Climatological Model of Non-Polar Geomagnetic Daily Variations: Preliminary Results"
    11. Cox G, Martinec Z, Brown W, "Denoised Virtual Magnetic Observatories Using the MagPySV Package"
    12. Doornbos E, "Visualizing space weather data with satellite data and models"
    13. Encarnação JT, Visser P, Arnold D, Bezdek A, Doornbos E, Ellmer M, Zhang C, "Earth's Mass Transport Processes Observed by the Swarm Satellites during the GRACE/GRACE-FO Gap"
    14. Finlay CC, Olsen N, Tøffner-Clausen L, Kloss C, Hammer M, "Earth's time-varying core magnetic field from 5 years of Swarm data"
    15. Flury J, Svitlov S, Shabanloui A, Koch I, "Investigating sensor data on geodetic satellite missions: recent findings and progress"
    16. Foerster M, Burchill J, Marchand R, Resendiz P, "Estimation of the reduced ion mass and the along-track bulk flow velocity from the Langmuir probes and the faceplate currents of the Swarm electric field instruments"
    17. de la Fuente A, Maltese A, D'Alba L, Mariani L, "Swarm Payload Data Ground Segment: An Example of Continuous Innovation in Operations"
    18. Grayver A and Kuvshinov A, "Latest Swarm products in the context of mantle induction studies"
    19. Grayver A and Kuvshinov A, "Retrieving time series of "magnetospheric" external and internal spherical harmonic coefficients: from potential method to an alternative approach"
    20. Hammer MD and Finlay CC, "Local Averages of the Core-mantle Boundary Magnetic Field from Satellite Observations"
    21. Guzavina M, Grayver A, Kuvshinov A, "Probing Earth's upper mantle electrical conductivity with Sq variations: An approach and results"
    22. Heilig B, "The Equatorial Boundary of the Small-Scale Field-Aligned Currents as an Indicator of the Midnight Plasmapause Location"
    23. Hulot G, Coïsson P, Vigneron P, Léger J-M, Jager T, "On the Swarm ASM Burst Mode Science Data: Status of Data Production and Example Exploitation for ELF Whistler Detection and Ionospheric Investigations"
    24. Hulot G, Olsen N, Stolle C, "An Early Assessment of the Magnetic and Plasma Data From the China Seismo-Electromagnetic Satellite (CSES) Mission"
    25. Hulot G, Léger J-M, Vigneron P, Jager T, Bertrand F, Coïsson P, Boness A, Laurens A, Faure B, "Improving the Science Return of the Swarm Mission and Beyond: The NanoMagSat Nanosatellite High-Precision Magnetic Project"
    26. Iorfida E, Doornbos E, van den IJssel J, March G, Svitlov S, Siemes C, "Swarm L2 thermorsphere density data: response to geomagnetic storms and decreasing solar activity"
    27. Iorfida E, Doornbos E, van den Ijssel J, March G, Svitlov S, Siemes C, "Swarm L2 thermosphere density data: response to geomagnetic storms and decreasing solar activity"
    28. Ivan I-M, Marghitu O, Kaki S, Vanhamaki H, Blagau A, Kauristie K, "Validation / Optimization of Auroral Electric Field Data Observed by Swarm"
    29. Knudsen D and Burchill J, "High-resolution Ion and Electron Distribution Imaging on Swarm A-E: Science Highlights"
    30. Kervalishvili G, Xiong C, Rauberg J, Stolle C, van den IJssel J, Schreiter L, "Total Electron Content (TEC) and the Rate of TEC index (ROTI) derived from ESA's Low Earth Orbit (LEO) mission observations"
    31. Kervalishvili G, Lühr H, Stolle C, Rauberg J, Michaelis I, "Ionospheric currents deduced from 5 Years of Swarm constellation mission observations"
    32. Kloss C and Finlay CC, "Time-dependent low latitude core flow and geomagnetic field acceleration pulses"
    33. Knudsen D, Gillies M, Rankin R, Sydorenko D, Fenrich F, "Utilizing Swarm Observations of Field-line Resonance Arcs to Investigate the Electrodynamics Associated with the Production of this Unique Auroral Form"
    34. Kovacs P and Heilig B, "Detection of intermittent plasma irregularities along the Swarm orbits"
    35. Kuvshinov A, Guzavina M, Grayver A, Yamazaki Y, "Geomagnetic deep sounding with Sq variations. Estimating global-to-local transfer functions using physics-based model of the Sq source""
    36. Livermore P and Finlay CC, "High latitude dynamics: jets in the Earth's core and the accelerating north magnetic pole"
    37. March G, Doornbos E, Visser T, van den IJssel J, Iorfida E, Visser P, Siemes C, "Newly derived thermospheric densities and winds from satellite accelerations"
    38. Marchetti D, De Santis A, Perrone L, Campuzano SA, Cianchini G, Jin S, Cesaroni C, Di Giovambattista R, Ippolito A, Piscini A, Sabbagh D, "A comparison of ionospheric disturbances before the occurrence of large earthquakes between Swarm and CSES satellites"
    39. Martinec Z, Fullea J, Cox G, "Sensitivity Analysis of the Swarm-Observed Magnetic Field of Magnetospheric Origin to Earth's Large-Scale Mantle Electrical Conductivity Inhomogeneities"
    40. Miloch W, Jin Y, Xiong C, Spicher A, Kervalishvili G, Clausen L, Stolle C, "IPIR - data product for global studies of ionospheric plasma irregularities with Swarm satellites"
    41. Munch M, Grayver A, Kuvshinov A, Khan A, "Stochastic inversion of geomagnetic observatory data accounting for complex magnetospheric ring current structure"
    42. Olsen N, Alken P, Hulot G, Laundal K, Stolle C, "Exploring Earth from Space – Towards a true Swarm of Magnetic Satellites"
    43. Pačes M, Jensen JK, Olsen N, "VirES Support for Swarm DISC"
    44. Qamili E, Tøffner-Clausen L, Nielsen JB, Miedzik J, Zawada K, Romanowska M, Bouffard J, Vogel P, Floberghagen R, "An update on the Swarm Magnetic Package instrument status and their L1B data quality"
    45. De Santis A, Di Giovambattista R, Perrone L, Marchetti D, Cianchini G, Arquero-Campuzano S, Piscini A, Ippolito A, Cesaroni C, Spogli L, Sabbagh D, Carbone M, Amoruso L, Abbattista C, "Earthquake-related ionospheric anomalies as detected by Swarm satellite constellation"
    46. Velímský J, Valentová Ľ, Knopp O, "Recovering the Mantle Electrical Conductivity from Swarm: Results after 5 Years"
    47. Rother M, Michaelis I, Stolle C, "Calibrating magnetic field readings of Swarm's growing new family"
    48. Stolle C, Rodriguez-Zuluaga J, Schreiter L, Rother M, Xiong C, Kervalishvili G, "Characterization and modelling of low latitude plasma depletions by means of the magnetic field"
    49. Trenchi L, D'Amicis R, Catapano F, Buchert S, Nilsson T, Burchill J, Knudsen D, Foerster M, Di Betta S, Patterson D, Bouffard J, Vogel P, Floberghagen R, "Swarm Electric Field Instrument: updates on instrument status, data quality, and possible evolution of plasma products"
    50. Tøffner-Clausen L, Brauer P, Finlay CC, Nielsen JB, "Swarm: Sun Induced Magnetic Disturbances, dB_Sun"
    51. Tøffner-Clausen L, Sabaka TJ, Olsen N, Finlay CC, "Comprehensive Inversion of Swarm Magnetic Data, 5th year production"
    52. Van den IJssel J, Doornbos E, Iorfida E, March G, "Thermospheric densities derived from Swarm GPS data"
    53. Xiong C, Stolle C, Kervalishvili G, Rother M, Michaelis I, "An updated model for predicting the location of auroral oval, derived from the aaamagnetic data of multiple LEO satellite missions"
    54. Zehnhausern G, Guzavina M, Maute A, Grayver A, Kuvshinov A, "Geomagnetic depth sounding with ground-based Sq variations: Exploring an alternative, physics-based parameterization of the Sq source"

  • The EGU General Assembly 2019, 7-12 April, 2019, Vienna, Austria
    1. Aikio A, Vanhamäki H, Workayehu A, Virtanen I, Kauristie K, Juusola L, Buchert S, Knudsen D, "Swarm satellite and EISCAT radar observations of a plasma flow channel in the auroral oval near magnetic midnight", PDF
    2. Aol S, Buchert SC, Jurua E, "Comparing Equatorial F-Region Ionospheric Irregularities From Swarm and Jicamarca", PDF
    3. Balasis G, Papadimitriou C, Boutsi AZ, Daglis IA, Giannakis O, Hulot G, Coisson P, Mann IR, Pakhotin I, "New indices derived from Swarm observations to investigate space weather and geomagnetic activity hazards", PDF
    4. Blecki J, Słomiński J, Wronowski R, Słomińska E, Kułak A, Młynarczyk J, Martyński K, Iwański R, Haagmans R, Parrot M, "The effects of the strong thunderstorms seen in the ionosphere above Poland by DEMETER and Swarm satellites", PDF
    5. Bouffard J, Floberghagen R, Haagmans R, Fernandez D, "Swarm Mission Status, multi-mission opportunities and long-term plan", PDF
    6. Brauer P and Merayo JMG, "Future magnetometry missions- Lessons learned from Swarm", PDF
    7. Buchert SC, "Longitudinal Structures in the Swarm Plasma Densities", PDF
    8. Candidi M, Diego P, Piersanti M, Bertello I, Ubertini P, "CSES and Swarm comparison of ionospheric plasma density observations: a case study", PDF
    9. Coïsson P, Hulot G, Vigneron P, Deram P, Léger J-M, Jager T, "0+ whistlers in the ELF band recorded by Swarm satellites used to reconstruct the ionosphere below the satellite height", PDF
    10. Cox G, Martinec Z, Brown W, "Sampling biases and external source contamination in virtual magnetic observatories", PDF
    11. Dunlop M, Yang J, Freeman M, Rogers N, Wild J, Rae J, Cao J, Luehr H, Xiong C, "Correlation analysis of field-aligned currents measured by Swarm", PDF
    12. Engels O, Kusche J, Schulze K, Gerdener H, Lück C, Döll P, "How large is the added value of Swarm time-variable gravity if assimilated into WGHM?", PDF
    13. Hulot G, Léger J-M, Vigneron P, Jager T, Bertrand F, Coïsson P, Laurens A, Faure B, "The NanoMagSat (Swarm Delta) nanosatellite high-precision magnetic project", PDF
    14. Iyemori T, Aoyama T, Yamada A, Odagi Y, Hozumi K, Yokoyama Y, Nakanishi K, Sano Y, Jarupongsakul T, Pangsapa V, Iguchi M, "Vertical propagation of acoustic waves which generate magnetic ripples and electron density fluctuation as observed by Swarm satellites caused by lower atmospheric disturbances", PDF
    15. Kim H, Hwang J, Park J, Miyashita Y, Shiokawa K, Mann I, Raita T, Lee J, "Large scale ducting of Pc1 pulsations observed by Swarm satellite and multiple ground networks", PDF
    16. Knudsen D and Stolle C, "Satellite-Based Studies of Ionospheric Dynamics and SpaceWeather", PDF
    17. Kwak Y-S, Kim S-I, Kil H, Park J, Kim K-H, Ruohoniemi JM, Tomas EG, Lee J, "First identification of the high-latitude ionization trough from a satellite (SWARM) observation", PDF
    18. Lück C, Ren L, Kusche J, Schön S, Rietbroek R, "Influence of orbit filtering strategies on Swarm time-variable gravity fields", PDF
    19. Lück C, Uebbing B, Rietbroek R, Kusche J, "Using Swarm to derive global sea level budgets", PDF
    20. Lukianova R, "SWARM field-aligned currents during the September 2017 severe magnetic storm", PDF
    21. Meyer U, Sosnica K, Andritsch F, König D, Dach R, Thaller D, Jäggi A, "Combination of SLR, GRACE and SWARM monthly gravity fields at normal equation level", PDF
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