GPSR and LRR (Swarm) Quality Control Reports

Weekly Quality Reports

Swarm Quality Control Reports are produced on a weekly basis and and cover the quality and the data acquired by the three Swarm satellites and the products produced from this data.

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Data availability and anomalies

The Swarm satellites are monitored and any anomalies that affect the availability of data acquired is reported.

  • Orbit evolution of Swarm - Download a presentation on the orbit history of the Swarm satellites and their expected outlook
  • Orbit manoeuvres - Download a report detailing all anomalies and manoeuvres undertaken for the Swarm satellites since launch. Anomalies may cause data to be degraded or unavailable
  • Instrument unavailability - Download a report detailing all times the Swarm instruments were unavailable, which is a useful reference for understanding if data is available on particular dates