About AVNIR-2

The Advanced Visible and Near-Infrared Radiometer-2 (AVNIR-2) was a visible and near infrared radiometer for observing land and coastal zones, providing better spatial land-coverage maps and land-use classification maps for monitoring regional environments.

AVNIR-2 Data


You can directly download ALOS data from a number of online dissemination systems. All data is freely available to registered EO Sign In users.

Download ALOS Africa products through the ESA LDS Online Dissemination System:

Download data from the Third Party Missions through the ESA TPM Online Dissemination system:

  • TPM LOADS - offers access to ALOS Tropforest collection

ESA may make ALOS PRISM and AVNIR-2 data available at a later stage.


Through the Online Dissemination server, ESA offers registered users access to the following data collections:

To find out more, visit AVNIR-2 products information

AVNIR-2 Cal/Val

The goal of calibration and validation activities is to verify the accuracy and quality of data the instrument acquired.