For a summary of ALOS PALSAR product verification, download ALOS PALSAR product verification paper.

The paper includes topics such as:

  • Routine analysis;
  • Product visualisation;
  • Impulse response function analysis;
  • Radiometric stability;
  • Noise equivalent sigma zero;
  • Equivalent number of looks/radiometric resolution;
  • Ambiguities;
  • Image localisation;
  • Polarimetric calibration;
  • Faraday rotation measurements;
  • ADEN JAXA processor status.

Furthermore, an ADEN report "Absolute Radiometric and Polarimetric Calibration of ALOS PALSAR Products generated within ADEN" describes the characteristics of PALSAR products, absolute radiometric calibration and relative polarimetric calibration.  Annexes to this report describe how to derive slant range and incident angle and how to estimate Faraday rotation angle from PLR data.

More specific information on calibration activities is included in the ALOS PALSAR Cyclic Reports (available from mid-2008 to mid-2010).