PALSAR Quality Control Reports

ALOS PALSAR Cyclic reports

The PALSAR Cyclic Reports were issued regularly to keep the PALSAR community informed of any modification regarding instrument performances, the data production chain and the results of calibration and validation campaigns at the end of each ALOS cycle. Note that these reports were generated for the data processed with JAXA software, when the ALOS satellite was operational.

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ALOS PALSAR Quality Disclaimer

  • A small percentage of ALOS PALSAR products processed by the current installed ESA IPF are affected by a known quality issue; IPF failures due to PRF changes.
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  • Some ALOS PALSAR GEC products failed to be processed due to an issue identified in the IPF, which fails to convert data from ECC to UTM for scenes straddle the -180/+180 degree line of longitude.
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  • During the generation of some ALOS PALSAR FBS L1.5 (GEC) products, an issue has been identified with the product naming, in particular an inconsistency with the expected row number and the L1.0 RAW filename. The problem (internally to the IPF) was a coding fault (zero day) that misread the acquisition mode in the L0-->L1 transcription process. This potentially causes problems with the L1.0 RAW CEOS file-naming and a further possible knock-on re the row number in the product SIP zip filenames, although the L1.5 product generation is unaffected. Moreover, in the L0 transcription CEOS names there is a further problem with the IPF interpretation of the SSM.XML data. For this reason, the returned row number is misreported by 10 nodes w.r.t. the correct one.
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