PRISM Products information

Products Information

ALOS products follow the standard CEOS format convention. The detailed product format specifications have been defined and are maintained by JAXA.

Products provided by ADEN are generated using the JAXA processor, integrated in the ADEN ground segment. Therefore, product format and auxiliary information provided in the product (product coordinates, calibration parameters, etc.) are those defined by JAXA.







Uncompressed, reconstructed digital counts appended with radiometric calibration coefficients and geometric correction coefficients (appended but not applied)

Individual files for forward, nadir and backward looking data.


Separate image files for each CCD


Radiometrically calibrated data at sensor input


Separate image files for each CCD


The following correction options are available:
R: Geo-reference data;
G: Geo-corded data;

UTM, Polar Stereographic

Nearest Neighbour Cubic Convolution Bi-Linear

Single image file

NB : Level 0 is not available for use

PRISM Product Characteristics

  • Level 1A is not calibrated
  • A summary file (ASCII file) is provided with all data processed. This ASCII file embeds basic information on product metadata.
  • Rational Polynomial Coefficients (RPC) is not provided with the product format. If users want to apply map projection; to transform geo referenced product to geo coded product, they need to use polynomial coefficients provided with CEOS format.
  • For the projection parameter users can choose between UTM and Polar Stereographic. The projection parameters are fixed by the processor. The Polar stereographic parameter corresponds to the latitude/longitude of the scene centre.