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9th Swarm Data Quality Workshop

16-Sep - 20-Sep 2019

Prague, Czech Republic

9th SDQW participants

The 9th Swarm Data Quality Workshop (SDQW) was hosted by the Czech Technical University in Prague, Czech Republic, from 16 to 20 September 2019.

The Swarm DQW#9 was successful, with more than 130 EU and non-EU participants, 110 talks, 11 sessions and numerous discussions.

The workshop aimed to:

  • Provide an overview of Swarm Mission Status and future plans
  • Discuss Swarm data quality status, correction improvements (e.g. new ASM and VFM dB_Sun models) and evolutions
  • Present progress in Swarm-based visualisation tools and data processing approaches from virtual research environment
  • Discussion with the Swarm community on the future of the satellite constellation regarding the counter rotating orbit configuration in 2021

The Swarm DQW#9 was an occasion to discuss synergetic benefits obtained from other sensor systems through future cooperation with the ESA Science Directorate and partner agencies.

A dedicated session on Swarm / Chinese CSES mission synergies was organised for the second time to further structure future joint Cal-Val activities and scientific cooperation.

The Swarm DQW#9 has allowed to consolidate/update 40 recommendations from the SDQW#8 as well as to identify 23 new SDQW#9 recommendations.

These 63 DQW recommendations will be used to refine the roadmap for future Swarm product evolutions, services, ESA/DISC ITTs and science activities.

The 9th SDQW Summary Recommendation Report scope is mainly based on contributions from Swarm DQW#9 session chairs, it summarises the main points discussed during the workshop and compiles key user recommendations and feedback, which should be translated into future Swarm-based products and scientific activities.

View the 9th SDQW agenda and download presentations



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