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Swarm is the fifth Earth Explorer mission approved in ESA's Living Planet Programme, and was successfully launched on 22 November 2013.

The objective of the Swarm mission is to provide the best-ever survey of the geomagnetic field and its temporal evolution as well as the electric field in the atmosphere using a constellation of 3 identical satellites carrying sophisticated magnetometers and electric field instruments.

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Orbit Maintenance Manoeuvre on Swarm Alpha on 13 July 2017

19 July 2017

We would like to inform the Swarm users that an Orbit Maintenance Manoeuvre was successfully performed on Swarm Alpha on 13 July 2017 starting at 14:17:55 UTC.

Changes introduced in the Swarm Dissemination FTP layout

12 July 2017

In relation to the previous communication we are pleased to inform you that the announced changes to the FTP layout are now effective as planned.

Absolute Vertical TEC now available in the Swarm Level 2 Cat-2 TEC products

10 July 2017

We inform the Swarm users that, starting from 05 July 2017, the Absolute Vertical TEC (VTEC) values and corresponding elevation angles will be available in the Swarm Level 2 Cat-2 TEC products.

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When Swarm met Steve

21 April 2017

Thanks to social media and the power of citizen scientists chasing the northern lights, a new feature was discovered recently. Nobody knew what this strange ribbon of purple light was, so... it was called Steve.

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Supersonic plasma jets discovered

23 March 2017

Information from ESA's magnetic field Swarm mission has led to the discovery of supersonic plasma jets high up in our atmosphere that can push temperatures up to almost 10,000°C.