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Aeolus Data

Data Tools

A number of tools are available for visualising, processing and analysing Aeolus data.

Data visualisation tools

VirES for Aeolus

VirES for Aeolus is a highly interactive data manipulation and retrieval interface for ESA's Aeolus mission products. It includes tools for studying various atmospheric parameters, in space and time, measured by the Aeolus satellite.

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The ESA Common Data Access (CODA) and HARP tools have been developed for reading atmospheric data from the ESA Envisat satellite, and have been extended to read Aeolus data in the common Earth Explorer File Format.

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Satellite and orbit visualisation tools


ESOV - the Earth Observation Swath and Orbit Visualisation tool - provides the means to visualise the instrument swaths of all ESA Earth Observation Satellites and assist in understanding where and when satellite measurements are made and ground contact is possible.

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EVDC Orbit Prediction Tool

The EVDC Orbit Prediction Tool generates and visualises satellite's overpasses, including Aeolus. Temporal overpasses can be calculated for any time period - either past or future - for any location.

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SAMI (Satellite Mission Editor & Player) is a freely available software application for visualisation of high-resolution 3D and 2D scenarios of ESA Earth Observation satellites.

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Command line executables


The Earth Observation CFI Software is a collection of precompiled C libraries for timing, coordinate conversions, orbit propagation, satellite pointing calculations, and target visibility calculations.

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Data Quality

The ESA framework for Aeolus data quality assurance is the Aeolus DISC (Data, Innovation and Science Cluster), including processor evolution, quality monitoring and a central role in calibration, validation and NWP impact assessment. It consists of expert centres and teams located in Germany, UK, France, Italy and the Netherlands and is led by the German Aerospace Center (DLR).

Aeolus Quality Control Reports on L1B/Instrument, L2A and L2B products are currently available to Aeolus Cal/Val teams and will become publicly available after public data release.

Data Unavailability Reports contain information on all periods of planned and unplanned unavailability of Aeolus ALADIN data.

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Processor Releases

Major processor releases are scheduled twice per year. The current Aeolus Near Real Time (NRT) data products are available in the latest processor baseline 15, activated on 13 September 2022. A summary of the main improvements brought by the baseline 15 processors are available in the Main processor improvements for Baseline 15 document.

Before that date, Aeolus data products are provided through different baseline versions. Detailed descriptions of all released Baselines are available on the processor releases page.

The Aeolus data were reprocessed in the following baselines:

  1. Baseline 11 covering the ALADIN Flight Model B (FM-B) instrument data in the period from June 28, 2019 to October 10, 2020 (published in October 2021). A summary description of the quality of the newly reprocessed dataset is available in Aeolus-Summary-Reprocessing-2 document.
  2. Baseline 14 covering a period from August 31, 2018 to June 16, 2019 (published in A November 2022) covering the first operations period of the ALADIN Flight Model A (FM-A) instrument. A summary description of the quality of the newly reprocessed dataset is available in Aeolus-Summary-Reprocessing-3 document.

Note: The Level-2B products from the above-mentioned reprocessed periods are available both in (nominal) EEF and BUFR format.

Additionally, the Aeolus Level-2C data products providing the ECMWF model wind vectors at the geolocations of assimilated Aeolus L2B winds are openly accessible.

Announcement of Opportunity

An announcement of opportunity is open for calibration and validation (Cal/Val) teams to apply for Aeolus data. The aim of the call is to invite new groups to participate in Aeolus Cal/Val activities, and as such the teams will have early access to Aeolus data products before their public release.

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