ALADIN overview and timeline of the RBS settings

Overview and Timeline of the Range Bin Settings

Overview of the global Range Bin Settings (RBS) defined by latitudinal windows
Date Description Latitude
13-04-2020 (VENUS), the Tropical RBS setting with focus on Numerical Weather Prediction (NWP) and to observe gravity waves and vertical mass fluxes. +/- 30°
13-04-2020 ExtraTropics RBS, focusing on NWP, with high vertical resolution between 5 and 10 km. >30°N & -30°/-60°S
13-04-2020 POLARIS updated on a seasonal basis and currently active over the South Pole, to observe high altitudes during polar winter. < -60°S
17-06-2020 QBO2020 a sub setting of the Tropical RBS setting, to investigate the Quasi-Biennial Oscillation (QBO) over the Tropical belt. Active for 24 h each week. +/- 10°


Overview of local RBS settings for campaign/validation purposes for limited areas
Start Date End Date Description Latitude Longitude
09-09-2019 14-09-2019 MARS Mediterranean Aerosol Range bin Setting focusing on Aerosol studies 28.5° - 35.5°N 28.86°E - 36.65°E
17-02-2020 03-05-2021 AUTAMEX - AUstrailian smoke Measurements Above the Troposphere EXperiment focusing on high altitude aerosol layers in the Stratosphere, emitted by Australian bushfires. -50°S -57°S -75°W -65°W
01-06-2021   The Gravity Wave RBS over the Southern Andes 40°S - 60°S 50°W - 85°W
30-09-2021   Aeolus Validation Experiment at high-altitude Maido observatory at the French La Reunion island 20°S - 22°S 53°E - 57°E
07-06-2021 30-09-2021 SATURN RBS box for Tropical Campaign in summer 2021 at Cape Verde 0°N - 35°N 0°W - 40°W