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3D Earth Online Visuals application takes off

05 Oct 2023

A new app has just been launched, enabling you to explore ESA’s satellite missions in 3D and providing a new perspective on how satellite data contribute to our understanding of Earth systems, the climate, and their interactions.

The Earth Online Visuals app displays interactive 3D models of ESA’s Earth Explorers and the Envisat and GOCE Heritage satellites. The models detail the mission payloads and where the instruments are placed on the satellites.

CryoSat in 3D
CryoSat in 3D

The app includes case studies of how data from these missions have been used, highlighting some of their applications. Links to Earth Online provide more information about the missions and how to download data.

Sea surface salinity data applications
Sea surface salinity data applications

Begin your journey into ESA’s new 3D experience, by visiting the Earth Online Visuals app.



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