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Announcement of Opportunity for Aeolus Cal/Val

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ESA is pleased to announce the reopening of the Announcement of Opportunity (AO) call for the Aeolus mission. The objective of the current reopening is to invite scientists, new groups and individuals, to participate in Aeolus calibration and validation (Cal/Val) throughout the mission lifetime.

Please note that proposals already submitted/confirmed for the other calls released in 2007 and 2014 remain valid and do not need to be resubmitted.

Submission of proposals for this call are temporarily suspended.

Invitation letter and description of the Aeolus Cal/Val AO call:

Download documentation related to the Aeolus mission:

Download documentation related to Aeolus Cal/Val:

Aeolus test dataset access, software tools and product documentation:

ESA data terms of conditions and policy:

Download complete documentation package (excluding dataset)

The Aeolus atmospheric wind mission developed by ESA in the framework of its Earth Explorer missions programme will introduce a novel measurement technique aiming at global observations of atmospheric line-of-sight winds. In addition, the mission will provide backscatter and extinction profiles, which can be used to detect cloud and aerosol layers along the satellite track.

The Aeolus mission objective is to advance our understanding of atmospheric dynamics and provide much needed information to improve weather forecasts. This state-of-the-art mission will also contribute to climate research. The Aeolus satellite was successfully launched in August 2018 and will have a mission lifetime of at least 3 years. The Aeolus satellite carries a single instrument, a high spectral resolution Doppler wind lidar called ALADIN (HSRL DWL). Comprising a powerful laser, a large telescope and two very sensitive particle and molecular backscatter receivers, ALADIN will be the first Doppler wind lidar in space.

Download a list of Aeolus technical information and publications.

Should you need more information about the Aeolus Calibration and Validation AO, you can contact the ESA EOHelp desk. Learn more about Aeolus on the mission page.

For Aeolus data in the framework of this AO the same Terms and Conditions will be made applicable as for other ESA missions.



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