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THEOS (Thailand Earth Observation System) is an Earth observation mission of Thailand, developed at EADS Astrium, Toulouse, France. The prime objective of THEOS is to provide Thailand with an affordable access to space (i.e., a state-of-the-art Earth observation satellite for the near future), and to spawn through this program's operational experience the country's own capability and infrastructure an indigenous potential for the development of future space missions.


The science objectives call for the provision of:

  • panchromatic (2 m) and multispectral (15 m) imagery from THEOS observations
  • the generation of geo-referenced image products and image processing capabilities for applications in the fields of cartography, land use, agricultural monitoring, forestry management, coastal zone monitoring and flood risk management.
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Facts and figures
Operators Airbus Defence and Space
Date of Launch 01 October 2008
Orbit Height 822 km
Orbit Type Sun-synchronous near-circular
Repeat Cycle 26 days
Resolution 2 m for PAN ((Panchromatic band), 15 m for MS (Multispectral bands)
Swath Width PAN Camera: 22 km (nadir), MS Camera: 90 km (nadir)
Onboard Sensors
  • PAN (panchromatic) Camera
  • MS (multispectral) Camera