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Cyclones, Hurricanes and Typhoons are powerful storms that have winds in excess of 119 kilometres per hour (74 MPH).

These wind storms can develop either as a result of a confluence of warm and cold winds over the ocean following a thunderstorm or when differing areas of wind pressure conflict. Due to this, they most commonly occur during the summer months between June and November.

On average there are between 80-100 of these storms each year, and while only a fraction of these approach land they can cause devastation once they do.

Property damage is the most common after-effect, with windows, roofs and doors succumbing to the powerful winds battering them, and the most powerful storms can tear down small buildings. Thus, without a solid foundation, objects and people are at risk if they are caught in the winds.

Since the 1950s, storms that approach land are given official names so that meteorologists can track them. The names alternate between male and female and in ascending alphabetical order from the start of each season.

A storm is generally referred to as a Cyclone, Hurricane or Typhoon based on where the storm takes place.

  • Cyclones take place over the Indian Ocean
  • Hurricanes take place over the North Atlantic Ocean
  • Typhoons take place over the Pacific Ocean
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Tropical Cyclone Funso (Mozambique) - January 2012

Tropical Cyclone Funso struck Mozambique in January 2012, killing over 20 people and leaving flooding in its wake.

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Hurricane Rina - October 2011

These Envisat images show Hurricane Rina approaching the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico on 25 October 2011.

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Date Event Type Event Location
Jan 2012 Tropical Cyclone Funso Mozambique Africa
Oct 2011 Hurricane Rina Mexico North America
Oct 2011 Hurricane Jova Mexico North America
Oct 2011 Typhoon Nalgae Philippines Asia
Sep 2011 Typhoon Nesat Philippines, Vietnam, China Asia
Sep 2011 Hurricane Hilary Pacific Coast Central America
Sep 2011 Typhoon Roke Japan Asia
Sep 2011 Typhoon Talas Japan Asia
Sep 2011 Hurricane Katia Cape Verde Islands Africa
Aug 2011 Typhoon Nanmodal Philippines Asia
Aug 2011 Hurricane Irene Caribbean, USA (East Coast) North America
Aug 2011 Typhoon Muifa Philippines Asia
Jul 2011 Hurricane Dora Mexico North America
Jul 2011 Typhoon MA-ON Japan Asia
Jun 2011 Tropical Storm Adrian Mexico North America
May 2011 Cyclone Songda Philippines Asia
Mar 2011 Tropical Cyclone BUNE Tonga Australia & Oceania
Feb 2011 Cyclone Bingiza Madagascar Africa
Feb 2011 Cyclone Yasi Australia Australia & Oceania
Oct 2010 Typhoon Megi Philippines, Taiwan, China Asia
Sept 2010 Hurricane Earl Carribean Sea North America
Aug 2010 Typhoon Mindulle Vietnam Asia
Mar 2010 Typhoon Ului Solomon Islands Australia & Oceania