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The natural causes of fires are lightning and spontaneous combustion of dry vegetation, which is caused by high temperatures and dry conditions. Following droughts, the undergrowth is rich in twigs and other dry biomass that represent a dangerous accumulation of flammable material, as do abandoned crop fields.

Every year many hectares of forest and savannah are destroyed all around the world, with consequences on the entire ecosystem (human life, animal/plant habitats, carbon cycle disturbance, property loss etc.) Some areas of the world are particularly prone to such hot and dry conditions, and wildfires and forest fires are common each summer.

Prevention and early warning are the only means of reducing these costs. Satellite data can rapidly provide a general overview of the situation over large areas of terrain, detect fires, identify risk areas and finally assess the damage by mapping the extent of the burned areas.

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Forest fires in Siberia (Russia) - October 2011

Wildfires struck Siberia during October 2011, in what was described as one of the worst fires in Russia that year. Over a hundred hectares of forest burned while over a thousand firefighters battled the blazes.

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Forest fire in Croatia - July 2011

A forest fire broke out on the Croatian island of Brac in July 2011. 4000 hectares were affected and dozens of livestock were reported killed.

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Date Region Continent Area Affected (Hectares)
Oct 2011 Siberia, Russia Europe 173
Jul 2011 Zagreb, Croatia Europe 4,000
Jun 2011 Arizona, USA North America 157,000
May 2011 Ottowa, Canada North America 2,900
Dec 2010 Haifa - Mount Carmel, Israel Asia 4,000
Aug 2009 Los Angeles - California, USA North America 42,612
Aug 2009 Attica Region, Greece Europe 21,000
Apr 2008 Parana River Delta, Argentina South America Unkown
Oct 2007 Los Angeles, San Diego - California, USA North America 135,000
Aug 2007 Peninsula of Peloponese, Greece Europe Unkown
Aug 2007 Canary Islands, Spain Europe 24,000
Oct 2006 Cabazon - California, USA North America 16,000
Aug 2006 Galicia, Spain Europe Unkown
Dec 2005 London, UK Europe Unkown
Aug 2005 Amazon region, Brazil South America Unkown
Aug 2005 Lisbon, Portugal Europe Unkown