Minimize Planning Overview

Satellites and their instruments are operated according to predefined operational planning, but data users can request acquisitions at specific times and areas of interest. World events are captured in this manner and can be seen in the various sections of this website.

The data acquired by satellite planning can provide valuable information for authorities, disaster management, relief efforts and data modelling processes. Routine acquisitions can be used to compare changes in the Earth's surface and detect phenomena such as volcano eruptions and seismic activity. Identifying potential event 'hot spots' is invaluable for predicting the likelihood of an event and allows government and agencies to bring contingency plans into action to prevent potential loss of life and damage to infrastructure.

The planning section of this site contains over 70 world events and the maps and acquisitions that came from them.

Minimize Latest events
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Satellite Planning for Flood in Fiji Islands, April 2012

Envisat satellite planning for the flood in the Fiji Islands, April 2012.

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Satellite Planning for gas leak at Elgin Platform (North Sea), March 2012

Envisat satellite planning and images of the gas leak at Elgin Platform in the North Sea, March 2012.

Minimize Satellite Planning
Date Event Type Country Continent
Apr 2012 Flood Fiji Australia & Oceania
Mar 2012 Elgin Platform Scotland Europe
Mar 2012 Earthquake Chile South America
Mar 2012 Earthquake Mexico North America
Mar 2012 Flood and Ocean Storm Madagascar Africa
Mar 2012 Flood Ecuador South America
Feb 2012 Flood Algeria Africa
Feb 2012 Flood Peru South America
Feb 2012 Tropical Cyclone Giovanna Madagascar Africa
Jan 2012 Potential Oil Spill Giglio Island Europe
Jan 2012 Oil Spill New Zealand Australia & Oceania
Jan 2012 Flood Brazil South America