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Dragon 4

Dragon 4 The Dragon 4 call for proposals is dedicated to science and application development exploiting Chinese, Copernicus Sentinels, ESA and Third Party Missions EO data.


The S3VT call is open to relevant and interested groups and individuals worldwide; group responses are particularly welcome.


Interested users may - at any time - submit proposals for the use of Swarm validated Level 1b and Level 2 data through a dedicated interface.


ESA is offering all scientists with the possibility to perform bulk processing exploiting the large ESA Earth-observation archive together with ESA available GRID computing and dynamic storage resources.
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SMOS gets help from Tibet

29 January 2016

Ground measurements are essential for making sure that satellites deliver accurate information about our changing world. Although the Tibetan Plateau may not seem the obvious place to take such readings, this remote location is being used to check on ESA's SMOS satellite.
smos satellite elbara instrument
SMOS uses an innovative technique of capturing images of ‘brightness temperature'. Corresponding to radiation emitted from Earth's surface, these images are used to produce maps of soil moisture and ocean salinity – two important variables in the water cycle.
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Sentinel-3A fully tanked

03 February 2016

With the launch of Sentinel-3A confirmed for 16 February, preparations for liftoff are charging full speed ahead. The tricky task of fuelling the satellite has now been ticked off the 'to do list' and the propulsion team is already decontaminating their equipment before returning home.
Sentinel-3A fuelling complete Sentinel-3
Official confirmation of the new launch date had to come before the team could start this delicate operation.