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While the damage caused by many forms of disasters are commonly immediate, floods are often longer events; due to the sheer amount of water left behind in their wake.

Commonly caused by flash floods and torrential rain, inhabited areas near rivers and bodies of water are most susceptible to floods.

Particularly strong floods can sweep away buildings, and property damage and crop destruction are the most common after-effects. The flood waters can also become contaminated and cause illness or disease.

Satellite data can prove very useful in the analysis and monitoring of flood events. It can be used to provide historical reference of the area before the flood, as well as determining the extent and location of flood waters after the flood, aiding in the relief and recovery efforts.

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Flooding in Brazil - June-July 2014

11 July 2014 - These Landsat 8 images, acquired 05 July 2014, show a large area of flooding near Sao Borja city, in Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. The southern Brazilian state has been affected by floods since late June 2014, which forced 6,000 people to evacuate.

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Flood - Thailand, October 2011

The 2011 monsoon season caused flooding in Thailand that lasted from July 2011 to January 2012 following Tropical Storm Nock-ten. 815 people died in the disaster and over 13 million were affected. The flooding affected almost the entirety of Thailand to some degree.

Minimize Floods
Date Region Continent
Jul 2014 Sao Borja, Brazil South America
Oct 2011 Bangkok, Thailand Asia
Jan 2011 Queensland, Australia Australia & Oceania
Jul 2007 Central United Kingdom Europe
Apr 2006 Elbe River, Germany Europe
Aug 2005 Munich, Germany Europe
Jun 2005 Jianxgxi, China Asia
Sep 2004 Jiangsu, China Asia
Nov 2004 Sierra Madre, Philippines Asia
Dec 2003 Arles, France Europe
Aug 2002 Germany, Czech republic Europe
Jul 2002 Moscow, Russia Europe
Dec 2001 Ankara, Turkey Europe
Oct 2000 Valais, Switzerland Europe
Apr 2000 Tisza River, Hungary Europe
Feb 2000 Mozambique Africa