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EO Summer School 6

30-Jul - 11-Aug 2012

Frascati, Italy

The European Space Agency (ESA) organises a series of summer schools on Monitoring of the Earth System, which promote the exploitation of Earth observation (EO) data across disciplines, with a specific focus on their assimilation into Earth System models.

The two-week course, held in ESA-ESRIN (near Rome, Italy) during August (typically every two years), aims to provide students with an integrated end-to-end perspective going from measurement techniques to end-user applications. Courses include lectures covering issues related to Remote Sensing, Earth System Modelling and Data Assimilation as well as hands-on computing exercises on the processing of EO data. Keynote lectures on global change issues are also given to discuss the current state of the science of global change and its relationship to society in order to help students appreciate how their specific field fits into a broader scientific and political context. For more information, please see the programme.

The event is open to Early Career Scientists (i.e. Ph.D. students, young post-doctoral scientists) who are specialised in a variety of Earth Science disciplines and wish to expand and improve their knowledge and skills.

The sixth EO Summer School took place between 30 July – 11 August 2012.


Jean-Nöel Thépaut (ECMWF)


Martin Visbeck (GEOMAR)

  • Global Ocean In-Situ Observing Systems
  • Atlantic Ocean Overturning Circulation
  • The Future Ocean: To warm, to high turning sour


Johanna Tamminen (Finnish Meteorological Institute)


Peter Minnett (University of Miami)


Claudia Kuenzer (DLR)


Iarla Kilbane-Dawe (Ind. Science & Policy Researcher)


Andreas Kääb (University of Oslo)


Alan O'Neil (NCEO)


Reiner Rummel (Technische Universität München)


Ernesto Lopez-Baeza (Universitat de Valencia)


Michel Verstraete (JRC)

  • Introduction to radiation anisotropy
  • Observing Earth from different directions with MISR
  • Exploiting the spectral and directional signatures of land surfaces


Roberto Sabia (ESA)


Stefano Nativi (CNR)


Computing Practicals

DA (Data Assimilation) Practicals


RS (Remote Sensing) Practicals

  • Measuring productivity in the Benguela upwelling system
  • Sea Surface Temperature and the Indian Ocean Dipole
  • Monitoring oil pollution using SAR and optical data
  • Exploring the Sensitivity of Passive Microwave Signatures to Different Surface and Observation Conditions
  • Rice mapping in the Phillipnes
  • Anisotropy