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ESA's dart-like Gravity field and Ocean Circulation Explorer (GOCE) Earth Explorer orbits as close to Earth as possible - just 260 km up - to maximise its sensitivity to variations in Earth's gravity field.

Launched in 2009, GOCE's state-of-the-art gradiometer is mapping Earth's geoid to an unprecedented level of accuracy, opening a window into Earth's interior structure as well as the currents circulating within the depths of it's oceans.

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GOCE gravity gradient grids covering release 4 data volume now available

25 February 2015

GOCE gravity gradient grids covering the release 4 data volume (November 2009 until July 2012) are now available for download through the GOCE Virtual Online Archive.

GOCE iBook on Earth’s Gravity from Space

07 January 2015

The GOCE iBook, covering the mission's aim to study Earth's Gravity from Space, is now available on the iTunes store.

New GOCE gridded products, at ground and satellite altitude, now available on the GOCE Archive

18 September 2014

Two new gridded products, GRD_SPW_2_ and GRC_SPW_2_, at ground and satellite altitude, are now available on the GOCE Virtual Online Archive.

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GOCE helps tap into sustainable energy resources

16 April 2015

Going far above and beyond its original mission objectives, results from the GOCE gravity satellite are now being used to produce maps for geothermal energy development.

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Understanding the 'OC' in GOCE

25 November 2014

A year after the satellite reentered the atmosphere, scientists using data from the GOCE satellite have made a breakthrough in our understanding of ocean currents.

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GOCE reveals gravity dip from ice loss

26 September 2014

Although not designed to map changes in Earth's gravity over time, ESA's extraordinary satellite has shown that the ice lost from West Antarctica over the last few years has left its signature.

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Lifetime of gravity measurements heralds new beginning

30 July 2014

Although ESA's GOCE satellite is no more, all of the measurements it gathered during its life skirting the fringes our atmosphere, including the very last as it drifted slowly back to Earth, have been drawn together to offer new opportunities for science.

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