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ESA's dart-like Gravity field and Ocean Circulation Explorer (GOCE) Earth Explorer orbits as close to Earth as possible - just 260 km up - to maximise its sensitivity to variations in Earth's gravity field.

Launched in 2009, GOCE's state-of-the-art gradiometer is mapping Earth's geoid to an unprecedented level of accuracy, opening a window into Earth's interior structure as well as the currents circulating within the depths of it's oceans.

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Special Dataset for GOCE Re-entry

11 April 2014

A special dataset, covering the 20 days of the GOCE re-entry, has been made public through the GOCE Virtual Online Archive. Please see also the dedicated page describing the dataset.

ESA-ESRIN - Maintenance on 14-15 April 2014

11 April 2014

Due to a hardware maintenance the production of ERS orders and GOCE data download will be affected from 14 to 15 April 2014.

Release of GOCE Level-2 data up to the end of mission operations and GOCE SSTI Commissioning data

06 March 2014

GOCE Level-2 data (Gravity gradients, orbits and positioning data) from the last satellite calibration, on 01 October 2013, to the end of Nominal Operations, on 21 October 2013, are now available through the GOCE Virtual Online Archive.

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What lies beneath?

09 January 2014

A field campaign dedicated to SMOS and GOCE has revealed unexpected similarities in the missions' very different types of measurements. This surprising discovery could lead to a better understanding of what is happening deep under the Antarctic ice sheet.

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Earth's gravity scarred by earthquake

03 December 2013

ESA's GOCE satellite has revealed that the devastating Japanese earthquake of 2011 left its mark in Earth's gravity - yet another example of this extraordinary mission surpassing its original scope.

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GOCE gives in to gravity

11 November 2013

Close to 01:00 CET on Monday 11 November, ESA's GOCE satellite reentered Earth's atmosphere on a descending orbit pass that extended across Siberia, the western Pacific Ocean, the eastern Indian Ocean and Antarctica. As expected, the satellite disintegrated in the high atmosphere and no damage to property has been reported.

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Radar altimetry catches new wave with GOCE

28 October 2013

Gravity data from the GOCE mission are enabling other satellites to see ocean surface topography and currents.

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