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Data Description

All GOCE Level 1b and Level 2 products, in accordance with ESA Earth Observation Data Policy, are freely available to users.

See the GOCE product descriptions to learn more about what the products offer:

Data Tools

A number of tools are available for visualising, processing and analysing GOCE data.

GOCE User Toolbox

The GOCE User Toolbox (GUT) is a compilation of tools for the utilisation and analysis of GOCE Level 2 products. GUT supports applications in geodesy, oceanography and solid Earth physics.

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GOCE Level-1b and Level-2 XML Parser

The L1b-L2XML parser is capable of importing data into existing applications, by transforming GOCE products from ESA's Earth Explorers file format standards into other common formats.

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GOCEPARSER is an easy-to-use tool for extracting the GOCE Level-1b and Level-2 data from the XML products into a plain text file in columnar format.


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The GOCEXML2ASCII parser is a very fast and memory-efficient XML to ASCII converter for GOCE Level-2 EGG_NOM and SST_PSO data.

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GOCE Level-1b Matlab Readers

Use this starting package to learn how to build simple Matlab routines which can read Level-1b GOCE products.

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Data Quality Reports

Quality Control is monitoring routinely the status of the spacecraft (payload and platform) and to check if the derived products meet the quality requirements along mission life-time.

Quality Control Reports for EGG

Quality Control Reports for SSTI



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