Minimize About Earth Observation User Services

ESRIN is ESA's Centre of Excellence for Earth Observation.

Several thousand of scientist and users, and organisations look to ESRIN to gather the information and the data they need to carry out their work.

ESRIN, via the EO User Services, acts as a central access point for users of Earth Observation data for many different missions. It also provides access to a complex distributed ground segment ensuring that the satellites data are processed, archived and distributed to guarantee the development of the Earth sciences and its knowledge worldwide.

In addition to providing users with an end to end service for ESA's Earth observing satellites, the EO User Services are the contact point for access to a number of non-ESA missions, so-called Third Party Missions (TPM). The access to TPM's data depends on the agreement made with the agency or entity responsible for the satellite.

ESA's EO User Services ensures a user-friendly interface between the satellite system and the users. This entails catering for users' needs in terms of information and products, and translating those needs into system operating plans and product orders.

Services provided to users include:

The EO Help Desk

The ESA Earth Observation Help and Order Desk (EO Help) is the contact point for requests of information and clarification concerning ESA's and Third Party's Earth Observation Missions.

The EO Help Desk is the first point of contact for those who want to acquire data, have problems accessing data, have new ideas, suggestions or complaints on the services or on the data received.

The Help Desk team helps users understand the various data sets available and how to obtain them. The Help Desk can also provide many other related information, for example the software tools to process the EO data.

Should you need support from the Earth Observation Help Desk go to the ESA EO Customer Service Portal.