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About GEOSAT-1

GEOSAT-1 (formerly Deimos-1) is an Earth-imaging microsatellite, built for Elecnor Deimos of Spain, which launched on 29 July 2009 and remains operational. It is now owned and operated by GEOSAT.

It is part of a group of satellites collectively known as the Disaster Monitoring Constellation (DMC) and was the first private European Earth observation satellite launched.

GEOSAT-1 Mission Parameters
Orbit Height663 km
Orbit TypeSun-synchronous near-circular
Orbit Inclination81°
Revisit TimeDaily coverage at a resolution that enables effective monitoring of the rapidly changing environment

GEOSAT-1 Objectives

The GEOSAT-1 mission objectives are commercial with the optical satellite images aimed at services and applications in maritime, agriculture, environment and forestry within the Iberian Peninsula region and Europe.

There is a common design of the GEOSAT-1 and UK-DMC-2 spacecraft. Both spacecraft are developed to carry out a commercially-focused operational imaging mission, supporting rapid-response, large-area mapping for a range of applications.

GEOSAT-1 Instruments

Multi-Spectral Camera (MSC/SLIM6)

The MSC instrument on board GEOSAT-1 is a multi-spectral imager with a resolution of 22 metres and 650 kilometres of swath, operating in green, red and near-infrared spectra. A key objective met by the instrument is delivering complete coverage of Spain and Portugal every five days.

SLIM6 Instrument Parameters
NameSLIM-6 (Surrey Linear Imager Multispectral 6 channels)
ModelEastman Kodak KLI linear CCD sensor
Swath Width650 km (325 per bank)
Spatial Resolution (IFOV)22 m GSD (at nadir), IFOV is 32.07 µm (or 0.00184º or 6.62 arcsec).
BandsNIR, Red and Green
Bands Spectral Range0.52-0.60 µm (green)
0.63-0.69 µm (red)
0.77-0.90 µm (NIR)
Swath Width600 km



ESA is offering, for scientific research and application development, access to Full archive and New Tasking of GEOSAT-1 data upon submission and acceptance of a project proposal. These products are available as part of the GEOSAT.

ESA will support as many high-quality and innovative projects as possible within the quota limit available, therefore, for the "on demand" TPM, only a limited amount of products can be made available to each project.

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