Dataset Description

CryoSat Roll Campaigns
Geoid elevations (m) and CryoSat ground track positions (red) corresponding to roll campaigns from November 2010 to October 2016

Since the beginning of the mission, CryoSat has executed several roll campaigns during which it was rolled left and right to calibrate the interferometric baseline of its altimeter. The Synthetic Aperture Radar Interferometry (SARIN) data, acquired during the seven roll campaigns, are available to download. The table contains FBR/L1b and L2/L2i products as well as the associated KML/PNG files.

These products represent a unique opportunity to perform innovative swath processing prior to the launch of the SWOT Mission. We highly encourage you to use this dataset and provide feedback and recommendations for future roll campaigns. In particular, to support new developments in swath processing over both the ocean and hydrology surfaces.

If you have feedback or recommendations for the datasets, please contact the CryoSat Mission Manager or EO Help via TellUS.

Important note: Access to this experimental dataset constitutes acceptance of the general Terms and Conditions for ESA data.


Download the campaign details to see the details of each campaign, with start and end times, location and roll degree.

Download the campaign datasets: