Thematic Mapper (TM) Quality Control Reports

Quality Control Reports

Products Availability

The Level 1 archive consists of more than 701,000 Level 1 TM and 84,000 Level 1 ETM+. All products are delivered in a ZIP TIFF format containing a Quicklook (PNG and XML), Metadata Report (XML), AMALFI QC Report (PDF and XML) and a product folder containing a Metadata file (XML), a GCP file, where applicable (XML), and full resolution GeoTIFF images for each band.

Products Anomalies

In addition to the product quality information available on the Level 0 database, and the Quality Control Reports within the Level 1 product, specific information regarding known dataset anomalies impacting Landsat data quality has been published.

Product Quality Control

The AMALFI Software Manual and Add-on Manual describe the systematic Quality Control inspections applied at the processing facility to each ESA Landsat Level 1, GeoTIFF product. The output reports from this tool are included with the Level 1 product available for user download.