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New documents in IRS

01 October 1993

Two WAIS sources relevant for ERS-1 users are provided by ESA-IRS: an ERS-1 Bibliography (abstracts) and ERS-1 Principal Investigators' Reports (do "word query" or "search keyword" on both of them).

ATSR applications examples made available by RAL

30 September 1993

An interesting collection of colourful ATSR/M application examples has been provided by Rutherford Appleton Laboratories, UK.

New document online

28 September 1993

The brochure ERS-1 500 Days in Orbit, now also on-line in GDS, includes nice colour images (for download) of many places in the world.


27 September 1993

A new collection of documents and images about and from the ERS-1 FRINGE SAR Interferometry Working Group is available, including the ERS-1 INSAR Orbit Listings of matching SAR image pairs of the whole ERS-1 mission.

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